Message In Stanza

Poetry and Musings

Can’t fight this feeling

This headache is reeling

The Bible says no condemnation

For those in Christ

But this false shame is huge

My identity I sacrificed

For the sake of a pretend peace


Can’t fight this thought

I am so distraught

The Bible says God can give you a renewed mind

But my intellectual thoughts are heavy

My inner child I left behind

In the name of maturity

Show Yourself, Lord


I am weak

In You I am unique

You created for more than this

You shower me with Your love in this dark abyss


I am reminded of this line in a song

It says, “I have had it all, it all amounts to nothing without You”

Get me out of my shell to pursue the truth

Atoms cannot combine without a Maker

In all I do, I have to let You be my anchor


I remember times long ago like distant memories or dreams

Where I danced with abandonment in Your love

There was multi -faceted sky above me

As I walked down the path, I felt inexplicable glee


The devil wants us

We have to bandage up ours cuts

And walk into the open arms of our Daddy

He loves us more than life itself

His love is the sweetest of candy

Come into His everlasting arms now!


(C) Carly Wiggins 2016




3 thoughts on “Show Yourself, Lord

  1. venniece says:

    WOW!!! Powerful!!! It makes me think of the scripture that in Christ we are a new creation, all things are past and we are made new (I am paraphrasing) 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Excellent poem, Carly. It’s so very powerful, it brought tears to my eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thanks Christy! That means an awful lot to me! 🙂


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