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CHAPTER 3: The Unexpected News

June was working on another interview. She was finishing up the edits for one with Elton John. She decided to go into the lounge to catch a break with some midday coffee.

Susan, another fellow interviewer, stood next to her in the lounge area. June spotted Susan and did a half smile. “So why aren’t you dating anyone again?” Susan always had a tendency to intrude in people’s personal business. She was the restless sort. Even her blonde hair seemed unkempt in her ponytail. She had a radiant smile but only because she thought she was going to get some juicy information from June.

”I told you before, Susan. Work has kept me busy.”

“Oh, that’s what they all say,” she retorted as she slipped back to her desk.

June sighed and kept stirring her coffee. Man, Susan,  needs to mind her own business, June thought to herself.

“Don’t you care about my business?”

Susan all of sudden heard in an audible masculine voice. She was startled to find that same ghostly figure right in front of the refrigerator.

“I want to help you but you have got to learn to help yourself,” He continued on.

”Oh, you again.” “Listen, I have an very important interview to finish editing. I am happy being single too, by the way. Susan already bugged me about that.”

“Why that chip on your shoulder, my dear June?”’

June stood there for a minute and whispered, “If I keep talking with You, people will think that I am crazy, talking to myself, because I am probably the only one who can see You now, like when people talk to ghosts in a movie. And I am probably losing my mind too.”

”As you wish, but remember this, dear June, your sister Helen wants to see you again. You have some unfinished work to do with her.”

As June was about to change her mind and say a few words, Shaun came to the lounge area and the figure disappeared immediately again.

June come over to check on how Calvin was doing on his report on global warming. He was trying to confirm through various sources how it was a hoax, how the promoters are making a great living off this concept.

June peaked over his shoulder and caught a sentence, “Trump will no longer support funds for this cause. He finds it a money hole as well.”

June, paused for a second, “No, no, Calvin, if you write an article supporting Trump, one more time, we will reconsider your position on new stories. Remember, Beats and Sounds magazine for the longest time is anti-Trump and must remain that way.” “But..” “No, Calvin, just make it about global warming.”

Calvin, a member of the Rotary club and a person who volunteers for the presidential election booths slumped forward in his chair. “People will come around,” he muttered to himself, however, June heard. She rolled her eyes and Calvin just smiled back.

As June was heading home, she checked her watch. She was going to meet with her friend Stacy for a girls get together in a few hours. They have been friends since high school. She arrived at home to freshen up and then she headed out. She arrived at the restaurant and checked her phone. She saw 2 missed calls and 2 texts from Stacy’s sister, Morgan. “Call me!!” Hey why aren’t u picking up ur phone, June?? Come to Catherine’s hospital on Acorn street and 59. Stacy was in a car accident!!”

June couldn’t believe it. She unsilenced her phone and called Morgan immediately.

The prognosis wasn’t good.

Normally, June would have resorted to her heartfelt prayers, but she was hanging on loose thread, she barely cupped her hands together and whispered to Him, “I can’t deal with another death, please God, no.” But instead of sounding like a pious plea it came out more as an agnostic mutter. She needed to reach deep down inside to pray for her friend’s healing but she was at a loss for words, once again.

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