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The lyre player
The poet
The giant slayer

He is on a lion hunt
He was the runt
But the Lord called him out

But he was also a sinner
His ways weren’t perfect
But his faith never grew thinner

He calls who He will call
I want the favor of the Lord
How can I tap into His heart?

Heaven and earth will fade
But Your Word will stick
Space’s garment is started to get decayed

I am not afraid
My path is laid
I am going to please Papa

Thank you for your favor, Lord
Have you not heard?
He will answer if you knock

Rains come and go
Snow plows the mountains
But your Spirit, the Word moves to and fro

Devastation is everywhere
But your staff comforts me
Comfort me with your hand of many blessings

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

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