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Here is June’s Faith Chapter 8. I hope you enjoy! 🙂 Here is a link to the previous chapters:

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Chapter 8. Good Change

June saw Jimmy’s smiling face as he was greeting other customers who had just gotten their seafood. “Hello Jimmy” June said confidently but simply.

“Hey June.”

“Humid weather we have been having,” June stated.

“Yeah, we just need lots of time in the pool and cold drinks to put up with all the sun.”

“Yeah” June smiled.

“What can I help with today, June?”

June was surprised their pleasantries end so quickly, especially, that no other customers were around.

“Oh, I would like some shrimp and scallops.”

He cut up the seafood and gave it to her with a rushed look on his face.

June thought they had some chemistry and maybe he was just a shy guy. He knew the guy normally makes the first moves but she thought she would this time.

“Well, thanks for your help. My pool is open any time.”

“I am good, June, but thank you.”

June was going to get fruit, veggies and meats today at the store but she was too shocked at their brief exchange so she decided to headed straight to the checkout.

When she got in the car, she found herself having flashbacks of her old boyfriends. Finding Brett’s romantic text messages from an ex and their big fight that almost turned violent. And Steven who only wanted her for love and romance and he took it too fast. She had an image of talking to him on her old brown couch, “You are taking it too fast!”

“I am not, I love you June,” Steven almost shouted.

“But even if you loved me you wouldn’t be taking it this fast” June responded plainly but aggressively.

“You are a beautiful girl and you should see yourself beyond your personality.”

“I see how it is Steven, I know what you want and you aren’t getting it.” June asked Steven to leave and after a few ugly exchanges he finally did.

And that was all she wrote for June and Steven.

June went to bed that night and slept deeply. After she was fully asleep she went into another prophetic dream realm. A beautiful landscape came into view. This time gorgeous waterfalls caressed around her as blue jays sang with a rainbow in the distance.

This time Stacy appeared right in front of her.

They excitedly greeted each other like the awesome friends that they were.

“I missed you so much!”

“I did too!”

They exchanged pleasantries and consoling words to each other.

Stacy looked so happy despite of the fact that she lost her life at such a young age. Her fine but elegant blonde hair almost looked angelic in Heaven next to the light. She looked like she had no regrets up to this point. Oh, how she loved Heaven!

“I miss you so much, June,” she said as she affectionately held June’s head. “However, I am quite content here in Heaven. I can’t wait for you to come here when it’s your time but you still have a lot of unfinished work to do on Earth.”

Stacy handed her a map of the country Argentina and said the Lord wants you to go there as a missionary next year.”

“You mean quit my job?”

“Yes, you don’t even like working there as much as you did.”

“You are right but am I really ready for that big change?”

“God says that you are ready. I spoke with him personally, face to face, and he said, “That girl better get her missionary boots on!”

“He really said that? Wow!”

“Yes, he did,” Stacy said as a bright smile crept upon her face.

As June was responding, “I will do whatever He asks of me…” her alarm went off again.

June jolted up and rubbed her sleepy eyes. She couldn’t believe she once again interrupted by her alarm from her prophetic dreams. As she went to get her morning coffee she noticed a photo of Argentina on her computer screen that wasn’t there before.

“Huh, that’s interesting,” she thought, as she was still waking up.

A few days passed, she went to the grocery store, but didn’t want to go to the seafood market because of Jimmy, but she promised her friends lobster bisque and this particular grocery store sold the best lobster.

“Hey, I’ll have some lobster,” she said barely acknowledging Jimmy.

“Hey, listen, June, I just lost my mother, sorry I was short with you a few days ago. I would like to buy you dinner sometime.”

Surprised by his change of mood but not a lot of time to process it she quickly replied, “No, that’s ok.”

“How about we go to a seafood restaurant? I’ll take you to get the best snow crab in town,” he said as a smile from ear to ear came upon his face.

He is cheesy, that’s for sure. But endearing too, she thought.


“Ok, 7 pm this Wednesday at Bobby’s Seafood?”

“You got a deal,” June said as she walked away.

Jimmy said, “Hey June! You forgot your lobster!”

Stay Tuned for Chapter 9.

3 thoughts on “June’s Faith: Chapter 8.

  1. Jimmy!!! Poor thing, losing his mother, and then June not understanding his change in his mood. No wonder he was short with her.

    Argentina! How exciting! 😀

    Jimmy finally asked her out! YES!!!

    But what will happen to their relationship when June leaves for Argentina? Will Jimmy go with her? :O

    Looking forward to the next chapter! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carly says:

      You’ll have to wait and see. 😉💜

      Liked by 1 person

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