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Here is June’s Faith Chapter 14. The final chapter! Thanks for coming on this journey with me. Feel to comment on this chapter and how you felt about June’s Faith as a whole. I hope you enjoy! 🙂 Here is a link to the previous chapters:

Chapter 14: Fulfillment

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Life flashed before June’s eyes. She got married, had a beautiful baby girl named Meredith, and was preparing to leave for Argentina as a missionary when Meredith was only five months old. Jimmy was in good spirits, taking on the role of being a husband and father very beautifully. Her life was everything she imagined it and more.

But on the other hand, God seemed to take a backseat in her life. She was so focused on Meredith, Jimmy, and moving to Argentina that she forgot to ask God His thoughts on matters.

She just assumed, of course, God would want her to focus on being a mother and wife, and prayer should be more associated with more “spiritual matters” like being a missionary.

But God struck her heart with conviction in a moment when she realized that she needed to pray more. Her busy schedule consumed her.

He asked her a simple question, “Why don’t you come to Me with everything?”
June laid still on her bed a second and reflected. Why couldn’t she give God everything? Her role as a mother and wife? They weren’t “spiritual” in the sense that it directly brought glory to God through acts of service through a church building. But her heart was a church building, and her acts of service were her daughter and husband. Then it dawned on her. Each time she folded her clothes, paid the bills, changed Meredith’s diaper, or kissed her husband, she was doing acts of love unto God. She just needed to bring the Lord into the picture each time she did those actions. She could sing praises of worship in her heart during any of those moments.

When Meredith was 8 months old June and Jimmy were in Argentina with a mission group. June was going to take care of Meredith until she was old enough for preschool. Then when Meredith was old enough, June would join Jimmy on mission group opportunities. Until then, she would spend a few moments of free time and interview the poor on the street as a journalist. Jimmy would take care of Meredith while this was going on.

Jimmy’s missional opportunities were building houses for the homeless and running homeless centers that aided in food supply and shelter. He found this work so gratifying and grounding.

While on this mission trip in Argentina June and her little family lived in a small, 650 square feet apartment. It was small than what they were used to, but they were grateful that they had four walls and covering. And living in a less-luxurious environment helped June have a more well-rounded perspective on poverty. She was not living in poverty by any means, but the two-car garage and 1,000 square foot home back in the states did not help relate to the homeless better. This setting encouraged a broader view.

June loved interviewing the poor even though it was tough seeing them in difficult and sorrowful conditions. The cities’ homeless were in street after street, some crippled, some with the company a sadly loyal dog. But one thing was for sure they have seen a lot in their day.

However, June found it was always fulfilling to share the Word of the Lord with them and found out more about their circumstances by talking with them. She then took these experiences to share with others the importance of loving and sowing seeds into poverty-stricken lives. She wrote how many homeless knew of God but doubted His love for them because of how others have neglected them. They would tell her, “How could a loving God and others abandon my family and me like this?” But on the other hand, others would say to her quite the opposite. “I forgive those who pass me up on the street because doesn’t the Bible say, “Love your enemies?” (Matthew 5:44. NIV).

Another homelessness person named Nick, who knew the Word well, quoted what Jesus said before He was crucified, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34. NIV). “See, I forgive as Christ forgave us as He was about to take on that painful death for us. Many of those born in different circumstances can’t fathom or relate to my circumstances, and if I can feed my belly once every two days, that’s a blessing to me. I don’t take anything for granted,” Nick directly but gently spoke.

Talking to Nick really opened June’s eyes to everyday blessings amidst real-life struggles like food and shelter. And Nick and others had such a quick temperament for forgiveness, grace, and faith. And even love. Nick said, “I pray for many people who pass me up. I see they have a look of compassion in their eyes, and they are swayed to give food or money but end up changing their minds, influenced by others around them or simply their own fears of interacting with the poor. And not to mention their uncertainties of how I ended up in such a position. They think it must be my fault. And June, by the grace of God, I can tell you there are many imposters out there, but there are imposters in the rich too. But I am sure not one of them.”

June was all shook up for a moment. Nick spoke with such honesty and frankness. She knew his words challenged the everyday mindset of the cause of homelessness, as well as bringing in buried truths too.

Meanwhile, June began to journal everything she heard and saw. But she also spent so many waking hours rocking, burping, and loving her little Meredith. Meredith was adorable. From everything to her freckles, tiny fingers to her warm yet cautious smile. Meredith meant everything to June and Jimmy. And Jimmy and her love were blossoming like never before. He was enjoying the missional opportunities, while they were challenging, they were also very rewarding. And he had a supportive and faith-building mission group. June was excited when the time would come for her to join him. But these precious moments with her Meredith were priceless.

June also felt like she is a different person from the time she prayed to God in the orchard. She has finally been able to let go of Helen and Stacy. She has completely placed them into God’s loving hands.

And what about June’s and God’s connection? What can be said? June was full of faith and had a new zeal for life again.

I hope you enjoyed June’s Faith as much I enjoyed sharing with everyone. 🙂 I hope to make this a paperback and e-book. Do you think this story is captivating enough to draw attention to a wider audience? 🙂

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