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(C) Photos found online at Houston Chronicle

Just to let everyone know I am safe in Houston in this storm. Prayers please for the others impacted by this! Thank you.


Even when the heat and cool moisture starts to form
I will praise You even in this storm

Protect and oversee
Your children
Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Waters may rise
But I am still hallowed in Your eyes

Even if the water dampens
You are lover of my soul
No matter what happens

Consider it pure joy and opportunity
When the trials come flooding as the sea

God has got your back
When you are sinking
And satan has you under attack

God will outsmart his wit
And throw him in the pit

Praise You, Father
I may be drowning
But I am immersed in Your loving water

You have the world in Your hands
And a heart for our destiny still stands

Praise You, Abba Papa Daddy
I know you will work this out for Your good
And Your word is necessary, not just handy

We must soak in Your word
As Texas continues to work together as one accord

People, pray for every Texas city
Even if it looks scary
The Lord gives you His love and pity

We must stand strong now
Giving prayers of supplication to Thou

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017




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