Message In Stanza

Poetry and Musings

God, You are so amazing

You make my heart sing

You brighten up the darkness

With your ever-consuming love


God, You are merciful

You raise my soul

You flicker like the stars

Of the never-ending cosmos


God, You are love

You love me from above

You dance like serenity

In the morning of awakening


God, I need You

God, I want You too

God, I accept Your nature

God, I honor Your splendor with extol

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018



I am afraid to live

I am afraid to love

I am afraid to die

I’m most afraid of dying and loving

What if I am not strong enough?

God, please give me your perspective


Maybe I am afraid of always learning

Because this means I will always be growing

And constantly evolving

Why does it feel so good and bad to change?

Please help me, Lord

This heart can’t keep up with the Earth turning


You will be there when no one else will

You will see me through my whole existence

Put praise on my lips, God

No more fear

I am a child of the King

Teach me to to kneel

And teach my heart to be still

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


Innate desire to be happy
Now you can’t stop thinking
You read every single self-help book
Happiness left you with nowhere to look

Innate desire to be known
Now you can’t face yourself in the mirror
You are lonely but you don’t want to see anyone
Fame has come at a a richly cost

Innate desire to be loved
Now you can’t hold your own heart
You think Cupid is always playing tricks
Love has left you begging for everything

You have to push the baby out
You have to pull that cavity out
So much push and shove
No wonder we have lost sight of love

Take off that plastic smile
I see your arms crossed in your mind
Surrender to your own pretenses
And stop chasing those white picket fences

Stop rubbing those tired eyes
And see for real with me
Destiny is what you make of it
It’s no one’s destiny but yours

The paint will peel
The brook will dry
But look inside
This will be your guide

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Thoughts? Does it make you think? Encourage you in the end?

The woman by the tree mourns

She mourns the way her husband treated her

She has been in this marriage way too long

Her skin burns and aches, almost as her heart

The draping leaves camouflage her sorrow

People don’t know she’s hurting

Because all they see is the Weeping Willow

Crying for her

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Classical music has a musical structure and rhythm to it that provides peace and security. Not everyone feels this connection to classical music as I do, but I know some will agree. Science has found many correlations between the type of music you listen to and its impact on our emotional well-being. You may be saying to yourself, Wait, I have heard this before. Does that mean if I listen to Metallica, it’s the devil’s music? I am not saying that at all. If anything, I am saying that the music we listen to serves a purpose. I know when I listen to a little punk music like The Clash or Green Day, it’s about “sticking it to man” or the corruption of society. One of my favorite Clash songs is “Lost in the Supermarket.”


I’m all lost in the supermarket
I can no longer shop happily
I came in here for that special offer
A guaranteed personality

I’m all tuned in, I see all the programs
I save coupons from packets of tea
I’ve got my giant hit discotheque album
I empty a bottle and I feel a bit free.”


How many times do we realize it or not, but we are completely influenced by advertisements, special offers, discounts, etc.? But do they always supply the needs we are after time and time again? Statistically, women tend to shop unconsciously to fill their maternal instincts of providing comfort and stability. Sometimes that motherly intuition, without awareness, seeps into their personal lives and is not just a means for providing for their children. We are creatures of habit and evolution. Society is changing so fast, I believe, we sometimes mistake our needs for wants. Back in time, food, shelter, and fire were all imperative to survive. But over time, a fire to keep yourself warm and cook food slowly over time became a bonfire to a nice fireplace. Nothing is wrong with fireplaces, luxury, or comfort. But just don’t forsake or replace your needs with your wants.

We are all vain at times because we are human beings. But for a change of pace, let’s be vain about our basic needs. And once again, let’s allow music to be a vehicle to usher in an illustration of taking care of our necessities. Here is a beautiful lyric from Collective Soul’s December:


“Why follow me to higher ground?
Lost as you swear I am
Don’t throw away your basic needs
Ambiance and vanity.”


Music has always allowed me to feel how I am feeling. From joyous sunny days listening to Beatles, “Here Comes the Sun,” to missing a friend with Incubus’, “Wish You Were Here,” to days of relieving confusion jamming to Jimi Hendrix’s, “Purple Haze.” Music is the soundtrack of life. And rightfully so. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂


Do you find that music gives you solace and joy in your time of need? If so, what do you listen to and what feelings possibly brought you to those tunes? Do you listen to the lyrics? If you do, do you listen to lyrics about how society can be feeble at times?



~ Jam On ~


~ Sincerely, Carly (Message In Stanza) ~

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July 16, 2018

Life is duality
Good and bad
Happy and sad
But don’t forsake the good
For what you never had

Life is duality
You have to choose a side
You may think you are on a ride
But put the brakes on
And take a few breaths inside

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


Inspired by the poem, “What Are We?” By Didi. Check out his awesome blog.

What lines stood out to you in this poem? Please let me know. 🙂

The sun wakes up like a newborn child

Ready to start its day

And as the sun yawns its way to sleep

The ancient moon resumes its position


God ordains all these events

The sun is like a campfire to Him

And the moon casts light like a flashlight for Him

God, You are so amazing with all Your brilliance


People move in and out of the city

Like little mice on a hunt for their cheese

Cheese could represent bonding, jobs or a sense of peace

Let us know Lord, that You are in our midst

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Interesting question to ponder:

Are you more captivated by the sun or moon? You please let me know.



Holy, holy, holy

God, You are holy

As holy as the white snow

You reach out to those

In the valley below


Peaceful, peaceful, peaceful

God, You are peaceful

As peaceful as a swan

You comfort those

Who wait for the dawn


Merciful, merciful, merciful

God, You are merciful

As merciful as a doting grandmother

You free those

Who have no other


God, You are holy, peaceful and merciful

God, You are all of these things

And we love You

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018