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Thank you:

I was nominated by Didi for the Blogger Recognition Award. I feel privileged and thankful. Thank you, Didi. 🙂


I really enjoy Didi’s thought-provoking posts about society, love, and spirituality. Please check out his blog. It will open your eyes to the importance of human connection and love written through wonderful poetry and innovative videos.

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers for this award.
6. Comment on each blog to let them know you’ve nominated them and a link to the post you created.

A brief story of how my blog started:

My WordPress blog started two years ago. I remember the days of having a blog back in the early 2000’s. It was perfect to get my feet wet into blogging. I would include some poetry on it as a hobby. Then I took a break from blogging. Then I met some people along the way that suggested trying to blog again. Then I got excited. Maybe I could share my poetry and really make a difference in people’s lives again.

I was so happy that I could find some many like-minded spiritual bloggers in the blogging world. Ones who shared in my writing endeavor and helped make me become a better writer. Thank you WordPress community.

My advice for beginners:

1.) It may take a little bit of time to gather a following and community but be patient with yourself. The more open you are with others, the more open they will be with you.

2.) Write from the heart but also try to write a piece where will want to join you on your journey.

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Thank you guys, again!! 🙂 😉

You got a deep cut
The doc said
Just put a band aid on it
And go on your way

You had a stressful week
The yogi said
Take one deep breath
And move forward

You need to lose weight
The nutritionist said
Eat once a day
And walk ahead

Our speed is excessive
It’s for advancement
But are we moving forward?
Or just moving in man’s ways?

You can have peace
God said
He will restore your soul
And rest in green pastures

You can have joy
God said
By the Holy Spirit
And His word will always stand

You can have patience
So many things distract
From the very source of life
Abba, our Provider

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

As I gaze upon a sunset

My memories go afar

Long ago before I was conceived

The start of life

The start of a beginning

All begins with a thought

Just like this sunset

I know a Creator had a thought and it came to pass


When something comes to pass

There has to be a design

An intelligent complex in place

A spectacular DNA functions behind the scenes


A Mind created these array of colors for this sunset

Each precise location for each color

A bright mind can create magic, beauty and contiguity

But the most profound thing of this is its wonder


Like a wonder of a child who notices

The simplicity of life

And doesn’t take for granted

Like roll-off-your-chair belly laughter

The swelling of your stomach to the point where it hurts to breathe


They experience laughter and play like it’s the first time they ever undertook it

It always surprises the child how much energy he or she has throughout the day


Returning to this sunset

It’s just like this child

Filled with absolute awestruck wonder

We too, can be like this child

But first we must humble ourselves

Humble ourselves to the point where we accept, maybe we don’t know

Everything about this large exquisite universe of ours

Just maybe

Humble ourselves

To the point of amazement

Amazement is where all the splendor will begin    

    Just like this childlike sunset                                                

 © Carly Wiggins 2012


Pray for revival

By don’t make it an idol

We already have victory


Like a queen who is endowed a crown

Will she deliberately set it down?


The enemy speaks deceit 

You take the transaction

What do you get?

A blank receipt


Don’t glorify the enemy and his team

They implant despair to every dream 


Pray for revival

It may take a while

But it’s on its way


God speaks the truth

Like a beckoning dawn

Do you see it?

Jesus is the living proof

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


We all struggle. We all know this, then why do we still feel so alone in struggling? Because, I believe, deep down, we know this life is short and we may not choose when our last breath will be. Sleeping at Last in “Needle and Thread” says, “Here we lay alone/In hospital beds, tracing life in our heads/But all that is left/Is that this was our entrance and now it’s our exit/As we find our way home.”

So how do we grapple with our finite existence? I believe we turn towards our lovingly Maker. He is our solution. In Heaven, we will exist forever in Him.

But I find we are afraid of being lonely for the rest of our lives. Waiting in line, impatiently with bruised hearts waiting for the next best thing.


Life has many wonderful opportunities to present itself to you. Just like when you read a book and get engrossed in the ups and down of the character, you too, have an opportunity to stand strong in the possibility of change. Every hurdle is a chance for growth. Irish poet William Butler Yeats put it this way, “Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth, We are happy when we are growing.”

Growth is to key to happiness and personal development.

My biggest obstacles to growth was learning that’s ok to not always get my way. I don’t have to be anxious over things I can’t control. I don’t have to hold on to past habits and things. God wants to set you free. “For in Him we live and move and have our being. As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring” (Acts 17:28).

Rest in Him because He wants to rest in you.


Sleeping at Last – Needle and Thread



As promised, here is Chapter 2. from this story I am currently writing called, June’s Faith. 🙂 Be sure to check out the previous chapter here:

god house edits

CHAPTER 2. The Unexpected Visitor

June woke up from a horrible nightmare. She was reliving the whole incident like it happened yesterday. She awoke in a gasp and pant. She tried to calm herself down but it was hard because the adrenaline rush was strong. She revisited her sister’s death almost every night ever since her time in the orchard. June was about to splash water on her face to wake up faster and get refreshed for the day because in her mind, there was no use sleeping anymore.

As she was getting out of bed, a figure appeared out of nowhere right in front of her. A brilliant white light engulfed this body and June couldn’t make out the face. But what she could make out was this incredible love she felt  emanating from this unexpected visitor. June felt a tangling sensation as the hair on her skin stood up from surprise and wonder.

A voice spoke from the light, “I am here to answer your prayer from the orchard. I come in many forms but this is one way I come.” June was dazzled but confused. Why did you take forever to come to me? This being must have read her thoughts because immediately He answered. “I have waited this long to prepare your heart, June.” Wow, you even know my name! Who are you? What June was asking was a rhetorical question but a thought that need to be expressed because of all years of hurt, pain, and distance from her Higher Power.

The voice that came through the light was powerful as waterfall but also soft as a feather. The words resonated purpose and direction but resided with comfort and love. “My dear June, you have been through a lot. I know, my child.”

He took his strong arm from the light and rested it on June’s shoulder. “I am here to remind you that you are an overcomer. You have been in the past and you will continue to be in the future. Any time one of my children struggles with a secret sin, in deep sadness, or feel like giving up, I hear a sincere plea from their hearts and I come to the rescue on their behalf. I have come to you, my child, because it’s time to let go of your past. If you only knew that I have your past safely in my arms. It’s time to let go.”

June stood dumbfounded. She was speechless in every sense of the word. She knew in her heart of hearts that past was a painful place to visit but she revisited more than she would like to admit. Some of her past was like a dark cave, dark and hollow.

June was about to make peace with her past with this being, or so she thought, but as soon as she looked back in his direction he evaporated like a thin cloud of smoke.

She had a lot to do. Taxes to pay, groceries to buy and most importantly, to shake off the delusions of the ghost visitor from yesterday. She has been through a lot lately. She probably imagined this. She had to. While she believed in God, why would He come down a visit her, of all people? Especially, to her own private home?

She went to her local grocery store to buy her usual fruits, veggies and meats. And how she loved seafood, especially, shrimp and scallops. She got to the seafood counter and said hello to Jimmy, a short but built man that always had a contagious smile. He seemed to know more about seafood that could fill up a seafood encyclopedia. He knew where certain fish originated and which ones were thriving and barely surviving because of overfishing.

June blushed when she saw him. She secretly liked him and believed Jimmy secretly liked her as well. She always imagined herself dating a fisherman type of person.

“How was your Thanksgiving?” “Oh, simple. I was at home with my friends. Watched sports but I could less about the Macy’s parade. It’s the same kind of acts and floats every year. How about you?”

“Same here,” replies June. “It would have been better if we could eat lobster instead of turkey. You know in the original Thanksgiving the pilgrims and Indians had lobster? Why do we eat turkey instead?” Jimmy curl up his mouth like a brilliant half-moon in the sky. “Well, you can start that tradition. Buy some lobster now and pretend it’s still Thanksgiving.” He winked at her home. She returned his warmth with a smile as well.

As she was about to check out she thought she would look at the roses in the floral department. She looked at the Amalia red roses. Sniffed them. They say smells bring back earlier memories. June recalled putting the Amalia on Helen’s casket. The delicate red roses rested peacefully in her hands. She hoped the same for Helen. May she be resting in peace with God.


Feel free to share your thoughts with me on this story so far. And stay tuned for more! 🙂

Swimming in the torrents of misery
Swimming in the river of trouble
Swimming in the lake of shame
When will you swim towards Me?

When the waves have you sinking
You thought you’d come up for air
That was just just wishful thinking
You got to swim with the current

Swimming in the pool of sadness
Swimming in the ocean of grief
Swimming in the ripples of anxiety
When will you swim towards Me?

You are waiting on each promise
Will you continue to swim?
Or will admit defeat?
Losing on the whim

Swimming in the gulf of guilt
Swimming in the pond of denial
Swimming in the whirlpool of angst
When will you swim towards Me?

Remember victory is a lighthouse away
Why not swim towards the bay?
A triumphant light guiding the way

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Growth is a necessity
With all its complexity
Hope is given
When doubt is forgiven
We can embrace now

Northern Lights around us
The colors astound us
Every hue began small
A creative awakening
To be rediscovered

Will this existence be forever?
Please let me be this me forever
Every atoms began small
An active expression
To be explored

Growth is a need
To fill this seed
With life of love
You came from a shove
From the womb
We can embrace forever

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Be sure to check out my new YouTube channel called: Carly’s Niche.  It features me reciting some poetry, some small sermons, and a little prophecy God has laid on my heart.

Here is one video I just uploaded featuring me reciting, “Intricate” and “With Each Step.” Enjoy. 🙂

Let me know how you liked it. Also if you have any suggestions to improve the videos through video quality, the reciting of the poetry, etc. I want to do my best to allow these videos to be a source of encouragement for others. Thank you.

Keep blogging’,

Carly (Message In Stanza)

written poems edits


Here is a story I am in the middle of writing. I hope it inspires. Comments and suggestions are encouraged! 🙂

CHAPTER 1. A Day at the Orchard

orchard bench edit

June sat patiently in the orchard, reflecting on her faith. Why did she doubt the love of her Creator? It was a perfect day outside. The rustling of the trees. Auburn leaves falling silently to the ground. It was a magnificent orchard. Shrubs of different hues. It was a quiet day for June.

She had every good reason to see His provision in her life. She was a writer and interviewer for Rolling Stones magazine. She had interviewed everyone from U2’s Bono, Thom Yorke to the late David Bowie right before his passing.

In fact, her name got some buzz because her interview with David Bowie ended up being his last interview before his death. She even asked him controversial questions like, “Do you think America finds you to be a sex symbol?” “Why does Blackstar have undertones of morality? Are contemplating your own morality on this record?”

She was relentless in her desire to stray away from obvious interview questions. For example, “What are your musical influences?” “How does your writing process work?” She was not interested in the direction of an artist’s sound as much as the nitty gritty questions that everybody wanted to know but was afraid to ask. She even asked Radiohead’s Thom Yorke about his birth defect that resulted in one shut eye. At times, she could appear insensitive but rather she was curiously passionate in a sharp way.

She was close to her parents, in distance and heart. And to top things off, they were just about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Heather and George met in college and instantly connected. June, on the other hand, in her young twenties, was more focused on climbing the career ladder than romance. Sometimes at night she wished she had someone who would put his loving arms around her at night. But she had her hands full.

She worked 45 hour work weeks. Her boss told her if she continued to do well as one of their writers she could be in a more authoritive position, overseeing many of the other writers and giving them deadlines and constructive feedback on their pieces for the magazine.

She used to spend her free time to pray but she found herself taking on other projects instead. She was a ghost writer for many other people where she would write out their story for them while making an income but her name was a “ghost” or mysterious to the outside world. At first, she desired that her name be attached to her work but the money kept flowing anyway, so it evened out in the end.

“I haven’t missed talking with you, God,” she muttered to God out in the orchard. “Is that a problem?” She took a big sigh, surprised she let some much time slip away from Him. She continued on, “But because my life feels empty without You, I still think about getting closer to You again. So how can we become closer again?”

June contemplated on losing her younger sister one fateful day. Helen, her sister, who was just a toddler, was chasing after their dog Scotty who left the backyard through an unseen hole in the fence obstructed by a shrub. Helen was young enough at the time to crawl underneath it. I saw Helen crawl underneath it. I yelled towards her, “Get back here, Helen!” But she already darted off. It was too late. We found her body on the street. She was hit by a driver on her way chasing Scotty. This was many years ago. June could never let it go. She blamed God for every bad occurrence in her life now. From food poisoning, delayed flights, rotten veggies, hurricanes, and toddler deaths.

Today was no exception. But the difference about today was she was going to confront God about it. She was tired of hiding beneath a rock. She demanded an answer from Him. But was He going to answer?

…He did but in the most unusual way.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2!



Thank you once again. You have been so supportive during my journey with this blog. Times when I took a sabbatical from blogging and even having technical issues. Thanks for laughing with me through my humor section. Or enjoying a poem of mine. Or some photography I took of nature. Thanks once again!! 🙂

~Carly (Message In Stanza)~


So many different seasons

Some filled with holy angels

Others with demons

There is power in the tongue

For every daughter and son


We must decree a thing

It’ll gets us back into the ring

You want hope

Decree it

Then you’ll see it


This isn’t just a prosperity ideal

We got to see wholeness

It’s a kingdom principle that’s real

Then we can march forward

In the promises of the Lord


I have been down

The enemy took my crown

But I am someone in God

When I chased out my pride

But I didn’t let joy die inside


I devoured this ugly pill

But Lord, you enriched my life

When things went down hill

You took these lost keys

And cured my from my sinner’s disease

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018