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Thank you:

I was nominated by Didi for the Blogger Recognition Award. I feel privileged and thankful. Thank you, Didi. 🙂


I really enjoy Didi’s thought-provoking posts about society, love, and spirituality. Please check out his blog. It will open your eyes to the importance of human connection and love written through wonderful poetry and innovative videos.

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
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A brief story of how my blog started:

My WordPress blog started two years ago. I remember the days of having a blog back in the early 2000’s. It was perfect to get my feet wet into blogging. I would include some poetry on it as a hobby. Then I took a break from blogging. Then I met some people along the way that suggested trying to blog again. Then I got excited. Maybe I could share my poetry and really make a difference in people’s lives again.

I was so happy that I could find some many like-minded spiritual bloggers in the blogging world. Ones who shared in my writing endeavor and helped make me become a better writer. Thank you WordPress community.

My advice for beginners:

1.) It may take a little bit of time to gather a following and community but be patient with yourself. The more open you are with others, the more open they will be with you.

2.) Write from the heart but also try to write a piece where will want to join you on your journey.

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Thank you guys, again!! 🙂 😉

You got a deep cut
The doc said
Just put a band aid on it
And go on your way

You had a stressful week
The yogi said
Take one deep breath
And move forward

You need to lose weight
The nutritionist said
Eat once a day
And walk ahead

Our speed is excessive
It’s for advancement
But are we moving forward?
Or just moving in man’s ways?

You can have peace
God said
He will restore your soul
And rest in green pastures

You can have joy
God said
By the Holy Spirit
And His word will always stand

You can have patience
So many things distract
From the very source of life
Abba, our Provider

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

Dark corridors of the mind

Derbis in every corner

A maze of confusion

Where’s the way out?


I am afraid there is no way out

My mind is like locked up inside

Where are the keys?


There is no way to find

A way to warn her

Of this illusion

And fragile doubt


Another punch, another clout

I try to stand up to the fight and not hide

Will the door of my heart open with ease?

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019


Here is June’s Faith Chapter 13. I hope you enjoy! Here is a link to the previous chapters:

Chapter 13: Fruitfulness

fruitfulness edit

June closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. She was in a lush green field again. The trees seemed to sing her songs of appreciation. Telling her, she was on the right path and reminding her to be grateful for the steps she has made so far.

June looked lovingly on the purple daffodils and pink sunflowers; plus, others she didn’t recognize from Earth. The array of flowers and the variety of colors they came in were unprecedented. She acknowledged that God must love her and all of creation to make such beauty.

In the distance came Helen, her sister, skipping in the distance. Helen communicated with her thoughts, “You should skip with me June! Loosen up a bit!”

June communicated back, “I am happy to see you again, dear sister, but I don’t feel like skipping. I am just not in the mood.”

“Come on, join me; it’ll help us sort some things out better. We have some of our Father’s business to sort out. You are never too old to skip.”

So, June stared skip with her sister, which turned into laughing and skipping. They just leisurely skipped and talked and weren’t out of breath like they would have been on Earth.

“How is Heaven treating you?”

“You are never bored around here, dear June. The Father always keeps us busy, whether its spending time with family, resting, or working. We get to do the very things we loved on Earth without the worries of finances coming through or being unfulfilled in some way. And you always love the people who work with you. I operate a bicycle shop and make the most sturdy and comfortable bikes anyone on Earth could ever dream up. It feels like riding a cloud!”

“I hear you and Jimmy are engaged, that’s wonderful, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s truly a blessing in disguise. I never thought I would fall in love with a guy at the seafood market, but he was one of the most endearing and smartest people I know!”

“That’s great. You, too, will have a beautiful future together. But I come to you to remind you of one of the things we talked about before: forgiveness. Not a pretty word. But have you completely forgiven God for taking Stacy and me so early?”

June looked at her feet. “I have been so busy to be too mad at anyone.”

“Well, it doesn’t mean you aren’t harboring resentment, to be quite honest. The Father wanted me to give you this warning again. You can’t live your life to its fullest potential if you have any unforgiveness in your heart.”

“Ok, maybe I do, but what do I do? I want to fulfill everything God has for me.”

“Then would you walk through this forgiveness prayer with me?” They stopped skipping, and Helen reached for June’s hand.

“Sure,” June confidently said, eager to put the past behind her.”

“Ok, repeat after me. I forgive You God for taking Stacy and Helen out of life so early.”

June repeated those words.

“I forgive You for not allowing me to have more time with them on Earth.”

June repeated with solemn honesty.

“I acknowledge that they came home early to Heaven for a reason.”

June repeated with earnestness.

“Thank you for giving me the beautiful opportunity of seeing them in Heaven.

Help me to forgive. Amen.

June repeated with confidence.

“Thanks, June. You are on the right path!”

June then woke up, naturally, without an alarm because it was Saturday. She slowly woke up, yawned, and eventually, she gave promises unto God, thanking Him for this timely prophetic warning.

Love and conflict were in the air. June and Jimmy moved passed the infatuation stage, and each other weaknesses were coming more apparent. But they accepted each other with grace. They knew of the value of God’s grace, so they gave it to each other. Jimmy was unorganized and forgetful at times. He would leave opened bills on the kitchen table, hoping to write the checks the next day. However, to June, the bills should be paid as soon as they get open.

“I was planning on doing it tomorrow. The Eagles were on the TV and that honestly, I got distracted and it important to watch this playoff game.”

June couldn’t stand clutter and inefficiency. Her uncle was a hoarder, and it made her so sad to see him live that way. Piles and piles of things where it made it hard to even get to the kitchen table. So, June was extra cautious. Plus, time and time again, she was worried about how distracted Jimmy got. Tenacious June didn’t hold her tongue back. She said in a frustrated tone, “Has it maybe ever occurred to you that you suffer from ADD?”

“Well, geez, June, that is quite an assumption on your part. I just forgot, ok.
Leave it alone.”

“Why are you getting mad at me, Jimmy?”

Jimmy answered back, “It’s not what you say but how you say. You could have mentioned “ADD” in a less criticizing way.”

“You are right. But it’s better to start now than later.”

“Hey, I get it but would you get off my back about it?”

“You aren’t as bad as Henry, but I am worried about you.”

“Hey, I’ll never turn into your uncle! That’s absurd!” Jimmy defended himself.

“Ok, you are right but maybe, sweetie, you should see a specialist, you can be forgettable at times,” June gently spoke as she put her hand on Jimmy’s shoulder. “I think I am just worried about you, that’s all.”

“Thanks, June.” Jimmy took June’s hand and kissed it.

June and Jimmy knew how to push each other’s buttons, but they also knew how to resolve conflicts more quickly as they discovered each other’s weaknesses.

“Hey, June, you have been especially cranky lately? Why do you think that is?”

June honestly replied, “I don’t know.”

The more she thought about how she reacted to Jimmy, the more upset she got. It wasn’t like her. She discovered maybe why. So, she went to the drug store to get a pregnancy test. It returned positive! This surprise was amazing but unexpected news. Their wedding was two months and a half away. Not only did they have a lot of wedding planning to do, but now this, June thought to herself. And how could this happen? And they were Christians and not even married yet.

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for Chapter 14. 🙂

Our bodily shadow gets torned off

To reveal the light inside

Are you afraid of following the light?

Many who had close encounters with death

Say letting go is as easy as their last breath


Why I am afraid?

What am I trying to hide?

What do I I have to lose?

God is the light I will follow

We’ll entwine like there’s no tomorrow


Let go if your past regret

Let go of your present troubles

Let go of your future worries

I know, when death strikes

It not something anyone likes


You could be hit by car

You could be struck by lightning

You get die from a sickness

But God knows when we will die

Your expiration date is written in the sky


Live your life the best that you can

You only live once

There no do-overs

Your movie has already started

And the credits are rolling for the dearly departed

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019


This isn’t my story but just an interesting scenario, FYI. I put myself in someone’s shoes for this poem. Enjoy! 🙂


A woman on a mission

Courage is her ambition

Hope is her intuition

Love is her transmission

She is no longer wishin’

Or in transition

But in compete submission


She has been through a lot

She used to smoke pot

Where her teeth would rot

And seduction to men she was taught

And numerous occasions she’s been distraught

Every guy considered her hot

Or so she thought…


Until she found her belief

It quenched her grief

And brought relief

It silenced the thief

Who withered like a leaf

Then love was layered around her like a wreath

When she finally met the Master Chief

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Heaven, heavenly abode

Our bodies erode

But we’re on our way home


Jesus, God in flesh

Our spirits mesh

We are so blessed


Holy Bible, the Living Word

Sharper than any two-edged sword

Hope of the coming of the Lord


God, Creator of all

Let our knees fall

You, we extol


Holy Spirit, Divine Spirit

Filled with every merit

We should revere it


Church, body of Christ

Bonded by Jesus’s sacrifice

When He paid the ultimate price


So many things this world offers

But our hope resides in heaven’s coffers

Release your faith as you ignore the scoffers


We have faith, hope and love

We have God, Jesus and the Holy Dove

And the Bible, church and Heaven above

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019





Hannah had a barren womb

But God heard in her gloom

And blessed her with Samuel

He was ordained as a priest

He took over Eli’s sons roles

And came to greatest

When he felt the least


Moses was surprised to see a bush burning

“Here I am” he replied to God

His curiousity forming

God told Moses to set the Israelites free

Moses felt unqualified

God said, “I will be with you”

Easing Moses’ questions inside


David didn’t feel like he could fight the Goliath

But God knew faith and sling and rocks

Would cause the fall of the giant

David honest tongue spoke truth

He said, “For the battles is the Lords”

Golitah thought David had no chance

But God struck the Giant down without swords


We all have a battle to win

It doesn’t matter where you gave been

Pray like Hannah for promises

And trust God like Moses did

And fight like David

And I can assure you that you will see

An awakening of blessings that you hid

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019




This world keeps spinning on its axis

All the world’s a stage

It’s ready to film the actress

She went unscripted

She learned her lines quickly

The rest is unwritten


We may ponder the stars

We may ponder the nebulas

We forget everything priceless is ours

Satellites capture our rare Earth

A breathtaking phenomenon

Good and evil’s birth


Please take your seat

The movie is starting

You’re in for a treat

The pixels display a real battle

Showcasing thwarted love

But a promise to get a hold of

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019

It is the end of the ride

But you’re still strapped inside

You don’t get many turnarounds

Mark my words

You’ll look back

And say,  “oh snap”

“Why didn’t I enjoy it more?”


The announcer says the ride’s done

But you still want more fun

Can’t you see it for what it is?

You get many loops in life

A scary experience or a thrill

What you feel is at will

It’s all in the mind


Corkscrews can make you dizzy or free

Who do you choose to be?

You will feel uncomfortable at times

Can’t you just let go?

Tty to lean back

And relax

And enjoy the ride


You only live once

Here is June’s Faith Chapter 12. I hope you enjoy! Here is a link to the previous chapters:

Chapter 12: A New Future

blue sky edits

June and Jimmy were so pleased to be engaged, but Jimmy’s inability to conceive still was still a worry for June. She didn’t know what to do. A few days later, June tried to adjust herself in the sofa to be comfy. She laid her hand on her Bible as gently spoke to Jimmy, “Well, if you are unable to have kids, then let’s pray about it. Doesn’t the Word say in James 5:16, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective?” So why don’t we pray about it then, Jimmy?”

Jimmy softly replied, “Well, I believe in the Word of God; however, I’ve had this condition my entire life; I reluctant to believe God can heal me right here and now.”

June pushed her faith further, “Well, let’s at least give it a try.” June smiled like she had all the faith in the world.

So, June and Jimmy prayed, and they checked with the reproductive doctor a week later, and it appeared that their prayers were to no avail. Jimmy’s hormones were still out of whack.

So, they continued to pray, and two months later, they got the best news of their lives. They could have kids! “It’s an absolute miracle,” the doctor told them one day. “I have never witnessed a male reproductive system and hormonal level fix itself so quickly.”

June and Jimmy gave praise to God. And on the way home from the doctor’s office it was even a sign from God because Christian Tomlin’s, “Forever” was playing on the Christian radio. “Forever, God is faithful/Forever, God is strong/Forever, God is with us/Forever.” Jimmy and June smiled at each other, basking in each other’s’ love. Their wedding was three months away. And the same time frame away from becoming parents. It was a fantastic time for them to be alive.

June knew the missionary field was in the future. June and Jimmy were attending a church called Grace Chapel, and in 8 months they were offering a long-term missionary trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Another true sign from God. A trip to Argentina in a year, like God, said it would happen. They agreed to the opportunity.

But June was disappointed at leaving her job as a music journalist. She worked there so long, had a rapport with coworkers, and it guaranteed a steady flow of income. But she was excited because God was definitely moving her into a new season. She felt something beautiful and new on the horizon.

So, she started to research the culture of Argentina so she would be prepared to be a journalist over there. The statistics she found were staggering. There are more than 7,000 homeless in Buenos Aires, and this includes many children. When June read that statistics of poverty in Buenos Aires, she made it her life goal to reduce homelessness as much as possible to share the Gospel. She knew God at that moment He would give her such a heart for the poor through her writing.

Grace Chapel already had a heart for the poor on this missionary trip, and the leader of the group said she and Jimmy could leave the group at their own leisure to interview the homeless and explore the poverty conditions of Buenos Aires. Then June would write what she saw, and Jimmy would take photographs to bring to people’s attention in the States the dire living environment. They were planning on eventually having a ministry for people to donate money.

It was too good to be true for June until one night she went to bed and had another prophetic dream from God that only topped her fulfillment of going to Argentina. Helen was back with a message for her.

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for Chapter 13. 🙂