Message In Stanza

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I miss You Lord
Take our hearts
Make it one accord

I hate being lonely
But You come in
And fill this empty vase
Your hands cover my space
They are bigger than my body

I am exposed before you
I have nothing left to hide
You ask me if I’ll stay true

I would hate being unfaithful
To my God
I hold His big heart
We are forming a work of art
Love with every brush stroke

Transformation is afoot
We will be at the gallery
Where beauty and originality is put

God change me
From the inside out
I am ready for You
My vibrant spirit is here too
Put our love on display

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Photo credit: Guowen – Frank Fang



We are all going through an evolution to better ourselves. While I believe satan’s evil’s plan was to break us and shaped into beings who don’t trust God. A chipping way process to make us less and dependent on God because all of the pain and injustice we observe and experience in the world. We would be left with only the belief that we were forsaken by our Maker. But do you find in our existence you hope the opposite is true? While I find that evil schemes and followers of evil plans are prevalent everywhere and increasing. I believe because of the fall of man we all tempted to do things against God’s will. But I like to believe that humanity deep down is suffering and looking for help. I believe that we are on the cusp of major changes economically, spiritually, relational there is a whole lot of Earth shaking going on now.


God is using this interesting time to be alive to help us chip away our insecurities, doubts and bad habits and attitudes. The devil hates and will do anything for us to think this is the worst time to be alive. Don’t let him win! We are all the fringes of major love changes. For examples, as harmful and exhausting social media and instant communications like texting can be it motivates to dig deeper to inspect our limited beliefs about ourselves and of others. To purify our hearts and minds we must going through an uncomfortable and vulnerable refining process first. Also sometimes health issues reveal who the true Healer is. And an imperative reminder that physical healing and nourishment is just as important as emotional and mental healing. Hang in there. God is on our side. 🙂

© Carly Wiggins 2018


Shards of pain

Going insane

I thought love was real

I can’t wait until…

I think differently


Perfection is God

While I am broken

God is a good soul

I wish I had control…

I hope to live again


My identity is stolen

In a runaway car

Your soul is a loud siren

I’m an engine dyin’

I hope God comes through

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


There is a rift between God and I
Creator, please hear my cry
I am barely hanging on
Nothing feels normal anymore

The devil put me in a land of bones
When I fall they hurt like stones
I am barely hanging on
I don’t want to quench the Holy Spirit

I know deep down that You care
You reign hope with every prayer
But I feel so broken
Where is my Maker??
(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

We watch the night sky, safe under its lights, reading a language of the night. Our hands fumble, circle as if in orbit, landing inside each other’s magnetic field. We whisper to one another in a planet’s dialect, built by a syntax of suns, stanzas that play between solar winds and the ultraviolet, poetry of passion […]

via Carbon — Elan Mudrow


Carly (message in stanza)


Yes, I will magnify the Lord

Yes, my soul will reach the highest abode

Yes, praise I have reaped and sowed


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There lay a fire burning beneath the core of my belief where time flows like a river swift winds of chance change and shift then came that stare surfaced from far below its stillness ever-changing stared right back at me and my way was seen constant and rearranging. Then came a breeze she let a…

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