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Carly (message in stanza)

Shattered, shattered, shattered

None of it really mattered

There is a light peaking through

But it’s block by the moon coming in soon


Supply and demand

It’s all under your command

Which will you choose?

The caterpillar with or without a cocoon?


Reality or the infrastructure of a dream?

I’d rather be in a reality where things are as they seem

But this surreal dream is causing me blues

I am losing contact with Earth, I’m getting close to the moon


God, are You good or did you get pleasure with our pain?

I shouldn’t be ashamed of asking these honest questions again

This wrestling isn’t out of the blue

Tell me the truth so, Abba, you and I can fly high like a balloon





What is happiness?

Merely a translucent bubble of cheer?

What is love?

A well spring forth of hope?


I know forgiveness sews up the heart

I know patience invites kindness

I know strength allows fortitude

For love is all these attributes


Do you ask what is happiness?

Because life seems a little lukewarm?

Do you ask what is love?

Because life seems to hanging from a thread?


Hold on to forgiveness, patience and strength

Love holds all these together like glue

This glue isn’t found at your local store

But it’s found in helping the in nearest passerby’s weary heart

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018





I find it a challenge to stay intact

When you are the Devil’s puppet show act

We are a slave to sin

When everything feels so foreign

But Your word says

Our old self has died

When You were crucified

On Calvary’s countryside

Romans say by Your grace we find redemption

Free from the sin from our conception

We should boldly come to Your throne of grace

We should pray for our needs and each other

Because You already make supplication for the

human race


I pray to You, Lord, You are good

We desperately cry out to You

To make us anew

From the fall of mankind

With Your stripes we are healed

And a new human nature is revealed


Then I think about the Devil

Pulling on the puppet strings

Telling me not to listen to the King of Kings

But I remind myself

I don’t have condemnation

Now that calls for a celebration

My heavenly fate is sealed

Because a new human nature is revealed

Revealed in Christ

© Carly Wiggins 2016


Carly (message in stanza)

On the shores of a mediocre life
Swimming in a ruptured love
Cursed with believing in goodness
I was made for love
But I am drowning with a white flag

The reefs bruise my heels
The starfish hurt my head
I am sinking to the bottom
I am shipwrecked

I prayed the night before
I made promises to Him
That I would stay close to the shore
But that didn’t happen

Nothing is happening around me
Cover me like the sand around me
I want to live but some days it’s so hard
Give me a big hug, slippery octopus
Take away these turbulent waves in me

I know this poem is a little dark but what do you think? Is there a certain line that stood out to you?





I had the glass completely full

But it had a crack in it

So water spilt out

Now you see how I view life


I had pasteurized liquid in a cartoon

But it spilt over

So my eyes are gaining moisture


I am pessimistic and an emotional wreck

Learning how to plow a field in the digital age

What am I really going to learn?

Except that I am like a cactus in Colorado


Traffic is moving

But there are tons of cars in front

I got your message

But I am too apathetic to respond back


I have a Valentine’s heart in my chest

But it’s too flat to pump blood

I sometimes have a Newton brain

But sometimes it’s too eccentric to maintain order


I am so alone…


© Carly Wiggins 2017


How does this poem resonate with you? Can you relate? Please share your thoughts with me. 🙂


“There are some many good people on this planet who just want love and connection. I believe, many things that are polar opposite of love derive from perceived wounds of the past. Some wounds do repeat themselves over family lies but what a shame, sometimes we out love ourselves and others. Now it’s time to write a new ending and see each character in the book differently. Don’t love to your heart’s content, love until the other’s person’s heart is content.” -Carly Wiggins


What are some of your favorite quotes or lyrics about love? Feel free to post them below. ❤️

I am..

Carly (message in stanza)

Beyond words beautiful post by My Insights. Check out this blog. 😀

My Insights

I wana be a little flower,
as well as a butterfly.

I wana be the flowing stream,
as well as the burning fire.

I wana be a lion,
as well as a deer.

I wana be a man,
as well as a woman.

I wana be a bird,
as well as a tree.

I wana be the wind,
as well as the clouds.

I wana be the sky,
as well as the earth.

I wana be the moon ,
as well as the stars.

I wana be this cosmos ,
as well as this vast nothingness.

Everything that I seek is me ,
I’m everything that is around.

I’m endless love..

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Young in spirit

Vibrant as a mustang

Roaming in the nearby fields

Can you believe it?

In Heaven, we will all be young


Eternally pure

Spotless as the shiniest rock

Basking in the lake’s aura of the sun

Can you believe it?

In Heaven, we will all be pure at heart


I know I shouldn’t spend too much time

Thinking about Heaven

But I can’t help it

This future brings meaning to the present

Because one day, these lost realities will change


The lottery numbers keep going

My favorite sports team may win today

It’s all based on favor and luck

I’d rather put my trust in the stars

Because I know one day it’ll become a supernova


A beautiful life ending

In a beautiful explosion

It’s now time for a new begining

I will continue to enjoy this life

But my soul longs for Heaven


Like an abandoned school playground

Like a shriveled up a leaf

I could play and shine

In this life

But the trumpets are anxious to sound

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


If you believe in Heaven, what do you look forward to the most about it?

Thrust forward

To the march

Mediocrity is like starch

Fake and durable

It’s time to let it go


I pick up my sword

Ready for battle

Victory is like lavender

It’s time to make you whole

Sweet and fragrant in the grass below

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


Do you find life can be mediocre at times? What do you to “spice up your life?” And was there a  particular line that stood out to you in this poem? 🙂