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Hello everyone, I have a new blog called, My Ink Smears. Here is my latest post there:

This will be my last post on Message In Stanza for a while but I will be on here to answer comments and stuff. Some reblogs and rewards from Message In Stanza will go to My Ink Smears now. 🙂

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P.S.: I am not experiencing the glitches I had on Message In Stanza on my new blog. YAY!!  😉

Hello dedicated followers and friends, I have created a new blog called, My Ink Smears. I just wanted to create a new name and opportunities to start anew. I will probably still post on here but still slowly wean off of it on to My Ink Smears. I hope you will join me on this new journey! 🙂 I will still be doing my poetry and musings. And you may see the same posts from Message In Stanza to My Ink Smears. I hope you will decide to follow my new blog and my join me for this new creative spark of mine! 🙂

My first post there:

The Way He Dances

I am a total people pleaser. One of my biggest pet peeves is people speaking badly about me when I am not around. I dislike gossip. I believe it’s still considered gossip even if you accurately talk about an unfavorable situation that happened but you make judgmental remarks about the people involved. I know you all know this. But there’s a big difference gossip and venting to someone to help alleviate someone else’s situation which looks bleak.

For instance, a teacher talking to another teacher about another student after school hours. They express concern over a struggling student who rebels and seems to try to stay focused and is well-mannered during the day. But at times he lets out uncontrollable anger towards other students and doesn’t seem to be dedicated to completing assignments in on time. The one teacher convinces the other teacher to talk to his parents about his home habits. They suspect if he struggles at home too he may have emotional barriers where he may need extra emotional support. Or if he is different at home he may be bullied at school. So, as you can see, in this particular case communication is essential.


Please share your thoughts with me today. 🙂

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My family and I are on our way to Stowe, Vermont. There is no direct flight and we got delayed from leaving Houston during due to weather, so we missed our second leg. So we spent some time in Boston. 🚇🕌I love Boston. It’s such a vibrant, thriving city and historic town. The Boston Marthon is on Monday. We have seen people jogging around the city to get energized and ready for tomorrow. And Boston we keep you in our thoughts during this time. ✌️🙏

Here are some pics of us driving through the city:

boston part 2

boston part 3

And us walking through town:

boston part 4

My mom looks cold (we are from Texas! lol!):

boston part 5

And here are some other ones:

boston part 6

boston part 7

boston part 8



I ventured into a rocketship into space

But I quickly left that scary, cold place

Because I searched and found aliens there

And they all gave me a great big scare


They never seemed to be talkative or friendly

I dodged the lasers they shot at me

On this populated planet, I almost died

But I suddenly found a mound to hide


I gave a huge sigh of relief

My desires only caused me grief

So I darted back to my spaceship back to Earth

I started to realize what my true were worth


Their worth has and will always be true

And unlike aliens, they will always love you

And since they are human, too, they understand

That being a human is odd when at hand


You know that your friends make you at ease

And they are ready to give you a great big squeeze

Because they will always be your human friends

And your friends’ love for you never ends


(C) Carly Wiggins

(Originally written in 2003 and updated in 2018)







The bartender asked the intoxicated fellow, “Would you like another Coors Light?” His mouth got frothy and said, “Sssure,” he stuttered. His eyes lopsided and he swung his arm over Gary’s shoulder. “Hey man, did you watch the Celtics play last night? Great game, huh?”

Gary a short, stout man gently responded, “We got to get you home, man. You got to stop drinking like that.” George a tall, intimidating figure peered over Gary as he got off his wobbly stool.” “Don’t sound like my mother!” He shouted, his mouth all foaming again.

The Coors Light came promptly after that but it didn’t silence George. “I am not like my father!” He down a gulp of the Coors.

“Then prove that to me, Gary. Stop drinking now and let’s take you home.” George pointed his finger at Gary while he eventually fall of his stool and knocked his beer over, which frothed over, touching his drunk saliva.


Daily Prompts:

via Froth

Growth is a necessity
With all its complexity
Hope is given
When doubt is forgiven
We can embrace now

Northern Lights around us
The colors astound us
Every hue began small
A creative awakening
To be rediscovered

Will this existence be forever?
Please let me be this me forever
Every atoms began small
An active expression
To be explored

Growth is a need
To fill this seed
With life of love
You came from a shove
From the womb
We can embrace forever

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018