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Thank you:

I was nominated by Didi for the Blogger Recognition Award. I feel privileged and thankful. Thank you, Didi. 🙂


I really enjoy Didi’s thought-provoking posts about society, love, and spirituality. Please check out his blog. It will open your eyes to the importance of human connection and love written through wonderful poetry and innovative videos.

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers for this award.
6. Comment on each blog to let them know you’ve nominated them and a link to the post you created.

A brief story of how my blog started:

My WordPress blog started two years ago. I remember the days of having a blog back in the early 2000’s. It was perfect to get my feet wet into blogging. I would include some poetry on it as a hobby. Then I took a break from blogging. Then I met some people along the way that suggested trying to blog again. Then I got excited. Maybe I could share my poetry and really make a difference in people’s lives again.

I was so happy that I could find some many like-minded spiritual bloggers in the blogging world. Ones who shared in my writing endeavor and helped make me become a better writer. Thank you WordPress community.

My advice for beginners:

1.) It may take a little bit of time to gather a following and community but be patient with yourself. The more open you are with others, the more open they will be with you.

2.) Write from the heart but also try to write a piece where will want to join you on your journey.

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Thank you guys, again!! 🙂 😉

You got a deep cut
The doc said
Just put a band aid on it
And go on your way

You had a stressful week
The yogi said
Take one deep breath
And move forward

You need to lose weight
The nutritionist said
Eat once a day
And walk ahead

Our speed is excessive
It’s for advancement
But are we moving forward?
Or just moving in man’s ways?

You can have peace
God said
He will restore your soul
And rest in green pastures

You can have joy
God said
By the Holy Spirit
And His word will always stand

You can have patience
So many things distract
From the very source of life
Abba, our Provider

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

What is happiness?

Merely a translucent bubble of cheer?

What is love?

A well spring forth of hope?


I know forgiveness sews up the heart

I know patience invites kindness

I know strength allows fortitude

For love is all these attributes


Do you ask what is happiness?

Because life seems a little lukewarm?

Do you ask what is love?

Because life seems to hang from a thread?


Hold on to forgiveness, patience and strength

Love holds all these together like glue

This glue isn’t found at your local store

But it’s found in helping the nearest passerby’s weary heart

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018






You feel like a diamond in the rough

But you only say that when things get tough

You really have no mojo

You love when you yo-yo


The devil is the details

A nasty truth

One big wave to ride

But one big fall

You feel like one who always fails


God doesn’t give too much to handle

Then why is my backpack going to break?

As I am walking down this lonely dark path

It sounds like a recipe for disaster

Like faith is one big scandal


Then I remember for God so loved the world

He made other statements that were bold

He said joy is in the presence of the Lord

And everlasting life is my award


I want to believe

Something this lofty

Is hard to fanthom

And digest

Lord, how do I receive?


You created me for more

But I walk out the front door

Let me receive your gifts

And ignore any unwanted myths

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019





We all love drama
Just like
The segment in your mind

The characters divided
The scene was like
A tsunami of sorts

We will ever forget
What it was like
Living in the segments of our minds

Memories forming
Like broken hallways
Brain pathways of pain

Is my brain transparent?
Can you read it like
A visible storage file?

Do you love me?
Or do you at least like me?
I have some many segments

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019

Poem inspired by this post:

Here is June’s Faith Chapter 10. I hope you enjoy! Here is a link to the previous chapters:

Chapter 10. Promises from the Lord

                        Argentina crop

June spent her Saturday morning reading her favorite Christian magazine called, Abiding Love. The magazine was uplifting, telling stories of prayers answered, healings happening, but something special touched her heart this morning. She read an article about a person who went as a missionary to Germany. The article talked about the specific struggles and new opportunities to lead others to Christ in Germany. Some people assume many people already follow Christ in Germany because it’s a part of Europe, which is primarily Christian country. However, that is not always the case. For one reason or another, many empty German churches are left because people have walked away from faith.

June then recalled how God told her she would go as a missionary to Argentina. And soon after that, God whispered gently to her spirit, “You better tell Jimmy soon that you are going to Argentina because you guys are getting pretty serious.”

June didn’t expect this internal dialogue with God while reading. She knew He could speak any time, but she wasn’t expecting a directive this moment in time. June closed the magazine and bowed her head at the kitchen table next to the cold cereal and coffee. She got so focused she forgot to eat and drink her coffee.

“Dear Lord, I can’t believe how serious Jimmy and I have gotten. I don’t want to upset him by saying I am going to Argentina. And Lord, I believe what You are saying, but it seems kind of funny to tell Jimmy about it. I don’t even have a group to go with yet. And I don’t attend church often because of the busyness of my job. So now I am supposed to go on a mission trip when I don’t attend often to feel a part of a community enough to go with them?”

God spoke so softly to June’s spirit once again, “Church is important, but what’s more important is an authentic relationship with Me. You always make time for Me, dear June. Jimmy will understand but of course, still be heartbroken, but you better tell him soon, so he knows.”

June replied to God, “I will but can I ask You something? Why I am going to Argentina?”

“You will find out when you go, My Love. Enjoy the ride to get there.”
Several days later, June hung out with Jimmy again, and they laughed over burgers and fries. Soda came squirted out of Jimmy’s nose. “I have another funny story to tell,” Jimmy said as he folded his hands on the table and then decided instead to reach for June’s hand. “You’ll love this one.” June leaned in closer to catch every word Jimmy was about to say.

“I remember the time when I was going to the principal’s office for acting out in class. The principal told me I was at this school for many years and still was getting into trouble, and I was making a fool of myself. Then the principal said she would be back in a second and so I took that opportunity to put a Whoopi Cushion on her chair that I had in my pocket. Then when she sat down and it made its little noise, I said, “Look who’s making a fool of themselves now. Then she yelled suspension for you, mister!””

June laughed really hard and said, “You still haven’t seen to calm down yet. Are you tired of walking on the wild side?”

“Not with you, I am not,” he smiled deeply.

June smiled broke into a slight frown. June suddenly changed the energy of the room and said, “I don’t know to break this to you. I don’t know how we can walk on the wild side together when God has made it pretty clear to me that I am going on a mission trip to Argentina next year.”

“You are?! I believe you accurately hear from God, but I was getting to really love you. This is terrible news. While I am so happy for you, this just terrible news. When do you leave?”

“I know I am sad too. And the funny thing is, I still haven’t gotten connected with a missionary group. I am just going with God’s words and trying to prepare you and me for whatever the future may hold. Sorry to catch you off guard with this news.”

“It’s ok. I would love to go to get up leave and go to Argentina with you but I simply cannot. I don’t have the income to do so, but I do really love you. Man, I wish I could go,” muttered a solemn-looking Jimmy. “What are we going to do, June?”

“How we pray about it now?”

They prayed, and June had a vivid vision of her and Jimmy in Argentina as missionaries together, but that wasn’t the only thing. They both shared something. And that something was a baby girl with a lot of freckles and beautiful blonde hair. June stood silent for a moment. And Jimmy could tell something just happened.

June said, “I see you coming with me as a missionary too. Let me ask you something. Do you want children?”

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for Chapter 11. 🙂 

From sunrise to sunset
I don’t forget
To lose all regret
Watching these colors in the sky
Is as magical as looking into your eyes
Will you kiss me as the day starts to rise?

Misfortunes come and go
Like fallen snow
In a town like New Mexico
But you are like a promise
That cannot be forgotten
Your love is fresh, never rotten
(C) Carly Wiggins 2019

Why must I suffer?
I feel so bent out of shape
With no escape

I am easily forgotten
But mistaken for
Being spoiled rotten

I may seem to have a lot
Of unimportant needs
But it’s the life I got

Father, send Your mercy
I am forever Yours
But Your grace hasn’t found me

This road is long and curvy
My heart is in a hurry
I am in a hurry to find You

Desperation is an awful trap
A ditch for the lonely hearted
Low confidence is on my lap

Father God, Papa, show whose Boss
To all my problems and worries
And nail them to the cross
(C) Carly Wiggins 2019