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Welcome to Message In Stanza’s Written Poetry Wednesdays! Every Wednesday I’ll post a new poem around 3 pm (CST). I hope you enjoy! 🙂 Clasped hands Perched lips Centered hips Love lands It’s a moon landing Being in a foreign land Love creates more than love It creates life   Sleepless nights Baby bottle Baby …

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“Earth can be beautiful. Heaven is beautiful. But Heaven on Earth… that’s an entirely different story. That’s why we were created.” – Carly Wiggins Did you know that our final resting place with God will be Heaven on Earth? According to Scripture, Heaven will down to Earth after Jesus comes back and creates a new …

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Beautifully penned by Overflowing Ink! Check out this blog!

Glazed by your delightful fragrance Lovestruck by your tender caress Daydreaming of your traditional heart Admiring your glowing purity Cherishing the taste of your tears Appreciating your strong backbone **** Photo: S.B. Eldredge Check out my books!

via Awestruck — Overflowing Ink

June 30, 2018

What is happiness? Merely a translucent bubble of cheer? What is love? A well spring forth of hope?   I know forgiveness sews up the heart I know patience invites kindness I know strength allows fortitude For love is all these attributes   Do you ask what is happiness? Because life seems a little lukewarm? Do …

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“There are some many good people on this planet who just want love and connection. I believe, many things that are polar opposite of love derive from perceived wounds of the past. Some wounds do repeat themselves over family lies but what a shame, sometimes we out love ourselves and others. Now it’s time to …

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