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Political undercurrents Causing an upheaval And you thought things were in place But the overpowering news makes you feeble The ones who hold the mic Can say whatever they like Sharks are everywhere in the water Looting has gone astray Harvey caused pain everywhere But twisting it is unfair There wasn’t intense looting or sharks …

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As the cock crows, I slip from my bed and perform my morning rituals, which quiets my soul and centers me, releasing creative energy as a prayer throughout the day. I pause at times when I feel the peace ebbing and again center myself with some deep, slow breaths, and a whispered prayer, “Please be […]

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August 21, 2018

Quicken my pace In this expeditious race I thought I had all the answers But now I am coming face-to-face With a past I cannot erase   I am on the starting line Waiting for a “begin race” sign I trained a while I hope I don’t feel behind Now is the time to shine …

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