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One of my favorite bloggers, Steve Still Standing. 🙂 A reblog is way over due. 🙂 Check out his great and thought-provoking poetry.


Time to move to the beat of a new rhythm, oscillating to the pounding of hearts and minds, lost in thought and wandering at the significance of it all. This, the new drum of existence: the tempo, cadence, meter; the measure of each new breath and dance. I write a lot of poetry, some of […]

via New beat. A poem. — Steve Still Standing


July 16, 2018

Life’s ups and downs Can make you feel sick Like a roller coaster ride You question where does your love confide?   You travel some many places in your brain Your heart has been through a blender Do I hold on to what’s already gone? Or let go and surrender?   See, in this life …

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Our energies have to be kinetic Potential energy isn’t enough When we move forward towards love We become magnetic The sparks start to fly The circuit turns on The moving energy flows The pendulum rotates nigh Love can explain science And science can explain love But they can’t live apart They would create a world …

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