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One of my favorite bloggers, Steve Still Standing. 🙂 A reblog is way over due. 🙂 Check out his great and thought-provoking poetry.


Time to move to the beat of a new rhythm, oscillating to the pounding of hearts and minds, lost in thought and wandering at the significance of it all. This, the new drum of existence: the tempo, cadence, meter; the measure of each new breath and dance. I write a lot of poetry, some of […]

via New beat. A poem. — Steve Still Standing


July 16, 2018

Life’s ups and downs Can make you feel sick Like a roller coaster ride You question where does your love confide?   You travel some many places in your brain Your heart has been through a blender Do I hold on to what’s already gone? Or let go and surrender?   See, in this life …

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