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The woman by the tree mourns She mourns the way her husband treated her She has been in this marriage way too long Her skin burns and aches, almost as her heart The draping leaves camouflage her sorrow People don’t know she’s hurting Because all they see is the Weeping Willow Crying for her (C) …

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Glazed by your delightful fragrance Lovestruck by your tender caress Daydreaming of your traditional heart Admiring your glowing purity Cherishing the taste of your tears Appreciating your strong backbone **** Photo: S.B. Eldredge Check out my books!

via Awestruck — Overflowing Ink

June 30, 2018

In my own retrospective I see how complex life is. It’s a constant string of events of cause and effects. Some good. Some not so good. We are all on a collective journey. Some to more insanity. Some to a place of healing. Which one will you choose? Daily word prompt: Retrospective   What are your …

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  Great and heartfelt post by Poetic Elixir! Be sure to check out this awesome blog! 🙂   I count stars on my fingers One Two and Three Until they turn into infinity I count from zero again And reach to certain certainty I count till my fingers are tired And eyes strain with fading …

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