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As the cock crows, I slip from my bed and perform my morning rituals, which quiets my soul and centers me, releasing creative energy as a prayer throughout the day. I pause at times when I feel the peace ebbing and again center myself with some deep, slow breaths, and a whispered prayer, “Please be […]

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August 21, 2018

What do you do when you experience doubt? I believe it’s human to have feelings about doubt and insecurity. Some say you shouldn’t express too much doubt to God because it shows a lack of faith. I disagree. We all asked questions in the beginning of our faith, so why not continue to ask questions …

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“There are some many good people on this planet who just want love and connection. I believe, many things that are polar opposite of love derive from perceived wounds of the past. Some wounds do repeat themselves over family lies but what a shame, sometimes we out love ourselves and others. Now it’s time to …

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I am a total people pleaser. One of my biggest pet peeves is people speaking badly about me when I am not around. I dislike gossip. I believe it’s still considered gossip even if you accurately talk about an unfavorable situation that happened but you make judgmental remarks about the people involved. I know you all …

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