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How many times do you fly an airplane and look down on the life below and feel so small? The aerial view of life is small in comparison to what are used to. But small is still beautiful. If you are lucky enough to catch a person walking down the street from above they look like a long alien-like shadow. We are searching for aliens but we are the aliens. I marvel at the big God we served as I look at the helicopter view of life. The Bible says in Isaiah 66:1, “The earth is my footstool” (NIV). We could infer we are the black speck on the footstool. But God still loves us the same! Hallelujah to God above that He would still love us, these small creatures below!

This musing was inspired by the great poem, “Seen From Above” from Jason A. Muckley. Check out his amazing blog, Poems for Warriors. 


3 thoughts on “Musing: The Aerial View of Life

  1. I enjoy your musings, particularly your wonderings about how God sees us from so far away (we are so tiny, so insignificant) and yet he loves us so intimately.

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    1. Carly says:

      Thanks Kayla!! So glad you enjoyed it! Have a great day!!

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