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Some many different kinds of people are here at this coffee house in Burlington, Vermont. You have the regular guy who reads his newspaper every morning. He stares aimlessly into space sometimes, reflecting on what he is reading or bored from his lack of spontaneity.

Or the homeless man who sadly runs his fingers on the hard surface of the table. He doesn’t look very content. My heart goes out to him and the many homeless in the Burlington area. He probably finds that motion of his fingers touching the surface soothing, or maybe it’s a compulsive desire. I wonder if he ate anything today and where he sleeps at night. He has an untrimmed beard and a disheveled face with the look of many years of hurt, disappointment, and poverty.

He sometimes goes to the back alley behind the coffee house and lights a cigarette that he had in his pocket, staring aimlessly into space for different reasons than that of the regular coffee attendee. Or maybe it’s not as dissimilar as one might imagine.

We are all stuck in this particular time on Earth with no choice of our own. We try to make the best of it, but life leaves us bored and unfulfilled at times.

If it weren’t for the sweet mother I have, I would be lost forever in a whirlwind of disillusion and pain. My mother’s grace, fiery Irish temperament, and wittiness have given me my grace to move forward.

We need to reach out to the lost and broken whether they are homeless, motherless, fatherless, or caught in the web of our societal corrupt sex market.

We are all lost, though. Just look around you. Behind every smile is a fragile soul. Behind every good deed can be insecurity and self-denial.

We must heal the broken!

helping hand


Why is it important?

Balance is what’s needed

Love is a scale

When everything else fails

And my expectations exceeded


Some many tough branches

With soft leaves

We are the triangle foliage

The world is the thick wooden arms

Autumn is purifying every harm

As the days suddenly are unfolding


Why can’t I see though this haze?

It must be my eyes and not the air

I squint every second in the sun

But my eyes are scratched to resolutions

I didn’t realize resignation was pollution

When love and fear quarrel, you’ll become someone

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019




Here is June’s Faith Chapter 10. I hope you enjoy! Here is a link to the previous chapters:

Chapter 10. Promises from the Lord

                        Argentina crop

June spent her Saturday morning reading her favorite Christian magazine called, Abiding Love. The magazine was uplifting, telling stories of prayers answered, healings happening, but something special touched her heart this morning. She read an article about a person who went as a missionary to Germany. The article talked about the specific struggles and new opportunities to lead others to Christ in Germany. Some people assume many people already follow Christ in Germany because it’s a part of Europe, which is primarily Christian country. However, that is not always the case. For one reason or another, many empty German churches are left because people have walked away from faith.

June then recalled how God told her she would go as a missionary to Argentina. And soon after that, God whispered gently to her spirit, “You better tell Jimmy soon that you are going to Argentina because you guys are getting pretty serious.”

June didn’t expect this internal dialogue with God while reading. She knew He could speak any time, but she wasn’t expecting a directive this moment in time. June closed the magazine and bowed her head at the kitchen table next to the cold cereal and coffee. She got so focused she forgot to eat and drink her coffee.

“Dear Lord, I can’t believe how serious Jimmy and I have gotten. I don’t want to upset him by saying I am going to Argentina. And Lord, I believe what You are saying, but it seems kind of funny to tell Jimmy about it. I don’t even have a group to go with yet. And I don’t attend church often because of the busyness of my job. So now I am supposed to go on a mission trip when I don’t attend often to feel a part of a community enough to go with them?”

God spoke so softly to June’s spirit once again, “Church is important, but what’s more important is an authentic relationship with Me. You always make time for Me, dear June. Jimmy will understand but of course, still be heartbroken, but you better tell him soon, so he knows.”

June replied to God, “I will but can I ask You something? Why I am going to Argentina?”

“You will find out when you go, My Love. Enjoy the ride to get there.”
Several days later, June hung out with Jimmy again, and they laughed over burgers and fries. Soda came squirted out of Jimmy’s nose. “I have another funny story to tell,” Jimmy said as he folded his hands on the table and then decided instead to reach for June’s hand. “You’ll love this one.” June leaned in closer to catch every word Jimmy was about to say.

“I remember the time when I was going to the principal’s office for acting out in class. The principal told me I was at this school for many years and still was getting into trouble, and I was making a fool of myself. Then the principal said she would be back in a second and so I took that opportunity to put a Whoopi Cushion on her chair that I had in my pocket. Then when she sat down and it made its little noise, I said, “Look who’s making a fool of themselves now. Then she yelled suspension for you, mister!””

June laughed really hard and said, “You still haven’t seen to calm down yet. Are you tired of walking on the wild side?”

“Not with you, I am not,” he smiled deeply.

June smiled broke into a slight frown. June suddenly changed the energy of the room and said, “I don’t know to break this to you. I don’t know how we can walk on the wild side together when God has made it pretty clear to me that I am going on a mission trip to Argentina next year.”

“You are?! I believe you accurately hear from God, but I was getting to really love you. This is terrible news. While I am so happy for you, this just terrible news. When do you leave?”

“I know I am sad too. And the funny thing is, I still haven’t gotten connected with a missionary group. I am just going with God’s words and trying to prepare you and me for whatever the future may hold. Sorry to catch you off guard with this news.”

“It’s ok. I would love to go to get up leave and go to Argentina with you but I simply cannot. I don’t have the income to do so, but I do really love you. Man, I wish I could go,” muttered a solemn-looking Jimmy. “What are we going to do, June?”

“How we pray about it now?”

They prayed, and June had a vivid vision of her and Jimmy in Argentina as missionaries together, but that wasn’t the only thing. They both shared something. And that something was a baby girl with a lot of freckles and beautiful blonde hair. June stood silent for a moment. And Jimmy could tell something just happened.

June said, “I see you coming with me as a missionary too. Let me ask you something. Do you want children?”

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for Chapter 11. 🙂 

You are cornered by the devil himself

In a dark alley

All alone

There is nothing there by trash and a gutter


He takes a hand to your mouth

And says, “You are about to give birth to my demonic dreams”

He continues on, “Don’t speak when I am talking to you”

”You have Godly intentions but I will lead you astray”


The devil service comes for you and me

Don’t listen to these abstract heartless threats

They only threat when they feel they have nothing left


But they are ready and armored

Love only breaks these assaults of these dark forces

But trial and hardship must come first

To truly overcome and testify to God’s goodness


Trusting God can feel like throwing a coin in the wishing well

Or winning a coin toss

But victory all starts with the cross


The devil service comes for you and me

Don’t forget

Shine that light brighter

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

With your folded hands

Like a fort

You bow your head

Giving up your pain

To your gracious Papa

Knowing He’ll support you again


You are first quiet

Listening to the Spirit

Giving you instructions

Like whispers in the wind

Echoing guidance

To every life bend


His velvet words

Speak of fondness

Telling you sacred secrets

Of a heavenly feast and bride

You feel the air of romantic kindness

You are joyous and stirred inside


You lower your knees more

Crying, telling Him all you left behind

You tell Him you are not worthy

Of such great future and afterlife

But God smiles at you in your mind

And gently says, “But you are my wife.”

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019






If this touched you, let me know how it spoke to you! Thanks! God bless you. 🙂🙏

Innate desire to be happy
Now you can’t stop thinking
You read every single self-help book
Happiness left you with nowhere to look

Innate desire to be known
Now you can’t face yourself in the mirror
You are lonely but you don’t want to see anyone
Fame has come at a a richly cost

Innate desire to be loved
Now you can’t hold your own heart
You think Cupid is always playing tricks
Love has left you begging for everything

You have to push the baby out
You have to pull that cavity out
So much push and shove
No wonder we have lost sight of love

Take off that plastic smile
I see your arms crossed in my mind
Surrender to your own pretenses
And stop chasing those white picket fences

Stop rubbing those tired eyes
And see for real with me
Destiny is what you make of it
It’s no one’s destiny but yours

The paint will peel
The brook will dry
But look inside
This will be your guide

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Thoughts? Does it make you think? Encourage you in the end?

What is happiness?

Merely a translucent bubble of cheer?

What is love?

A well spring forth of hope?


I know forgiveness sews up the heart

I know patience invites kindness

I know strength allows fortitude

For love is all these attributes


Do you ask what is happiness?

Because life seems a little lukewarm?

Do you ask what is love?

Because life seems to hang from a thread?


Hold on to forgiveness, patience and strength

Love holds all these together like glue

This glue isn’t found at your local store

But it’s found in helping the nearest passerby’s weary heart

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018