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I saw this word game idea on the vinyl channel, Too Many Records. (Source: If you love collecting records like myself, you’ll love his channel. Check it out. 🙂

So here’s how you play:

The Letters are GHDTC.

Now come up with one word for each letter and I will pick the best answer by Wednesday night (USA, Central Standard Time).



God’s Heart Desires the Change


Godiva Has Delicious Terrific Chocolate


All will get a warm response from me but I will congratulate the winner. That will be your award. 🙂 And if I get a lot of responses from this post I may do another game like this in the future where the winner will receive a prize.

Have fun! And get some Godiva Chocolate while you are at because they are so good! Lol!

~ Carly (Message In Stanza) ~



A beautiful and reflective poem to God from DarylMadden! Check out this blog! Enjoy!


Trapped within ego
What they did to me
Hurt and frustrated
A bitter heart be

Pausing in prayer
With gaze upon You
As one forgiven
What would you have me do?

Set soul upon mercy
Your sight upon grace
Heart of acceptance
Of humble embrace

I cannot do this
We know this is true
With prayer of heart willing
I’ll walk beside You

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Here is a poem from a while back. Enjoy!

The cobwebs, the crooked doors, and the darkened hallways
I forget to acknowledge myself in all my ways
I forget there is one constant in all of the universe
It still has to run its course
When I feel all alone
I forget there is a soul of mine I can call my own
Aliens, ghosts, and skeletons
But don’t you forget God is a ghost
He has come to give you what you need most
You should fear this ghost
He can mysteriously pop up in front of you during the day
Sometimes it appears he is unseen
But he knows what you need
He has come to reap and comfort
For he alone can heal our hurt
Don’t forget God’s a ghost
And he loves you very much
Don’t forget his mysterious power

(C) Carly Wiggins 2007

Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that sometimes my comments are going into other blogger’s spam folder in their email. I contacted WordPress and they said there is nothing they can do. But just keep in mind to check your spam folder for my comments when you can. Thanks.

Do you know of a way to resolve this issue? Is it a setting on my phone or something?


~Happy Blogging!~

The celestial realm is doing a waltz

Debris rocks with firefly tails

Are a part of this romance of the cosmos

While spirals of light and gasses are moving

Through an endless expansive universe


Down on one of the rotating rocks

Are a life force of ingenuity

Breathing atoms of purpose

But flesh and bone of pride at times


They wonder if there is other life

They send satellites and robots to assess

But what they are forgetting

Is the One Being who is always there


He has been there before eons began

He watches from afar

But He looks deeply into each heart

Inspecting each motivation and loving act


He has us in His ancient hands

And on His never ending thoughts

So is there life on other planets?

There is more activity than we could ever believe

© Carly Wiggins 2018

Happy Easter

Carly (message in stanza)

I just wanted to wish WordPress and all my followers a very Happy Easter. 🐣 🙂 Jesus has risen! 🙏💐

Here is a little poem:


We adore you Jesus Christ

You paid the ultimate price

When you were nailed to the cross

Our gain was the enemy’s loss


Like flowers sprouting

In a dew-kissed morning

Your body rose like a sunrise


Jesus cried out

”Don’t forsake me”

To the Father


The Father knew good would come

The risen resulted like a beating drum

Vibrating transcendence and hope

Echoing faith to those in a downward slope











This isn’t my story but just an interesting scenario, FYI. I put myself in someone’s shoes for this poem. Enjoy! 🙂


A woman on a mission

Courage is her ambition

Hope is her intuition

Love is her transmission

She is no longer wishin’

Or in transition

But in compete submission


She has been through a lot

She used to smoke pot

Where her teeth would rot

And seduction to men she was taught

And numerous occasions she’s been distraught

Every guy considered her hot

Or so she thought…


Until she found her belief

It quenched her grief

And brought relief

It silenced the thief

Who withered like a leaf

Then love was layered around her like a wreath

When she finally met the Master Chief

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018