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Rushing to see you
A stop on the way
I’ll buy you some flowers
To brighten your day

You’ve always loved them
Known their beauty
I’ll gift you some flowers
Your joy that I’ll see
Last moments of sharing
With tears that we’ll cry
You’ll speak of the flowers
The last that I’ll buy
Then I will leave you
At heaven’s door
I’ll send you with flowers
To the One you adore
For rest of my journey
You’ll speak to me
I’ll see you in flowers
Of greater beauty

Joy brings gratitude
It helps you shift your attitude

Your walk a thin line
With your cynicism
Sometimes it’s blind protection
There are no missiles
Coming your way
Just launching from your direction
The very thing you’re afraid never happens
But you are left with shame

I never meant to be so cold
I let my past take ahold

My past happened
But the present is getting ignored
And my future is at risk of a lack of joy
Just like every human I want peace
Is there to grab
But I treat like a toy
This object of my attention can be replaced
The GIJoe is lost and the Barbie’s head is missing
My innocence is lost

God, please forgive me
Truth and destiny… deliver me

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017



I love the little things in life

The way the windchimes

Drone in the summer night

Fusing noise with the bullfrogs

That’s was my little paradise


I had a house in a small town

Behind it was a bayou

Those summer days were serene

And the sights that accompanied it

A big channel of murky water

Flowed behind us

With snakes and alligators


Katy has changed so much

When I visit the noises are replaced

By car noises and dogs barking

I miss the quiet solitude

It’s so hard to find these days


I know change is inevitable

But let me hold on to the memories

Of seeing rice fields and old run down mills

The relics are always embedded in my heart

When I visit, I’ll try to look for clues of the past

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018






The vinyl spins round and round

While you are lost in the sound

Vinyl may seem old school

But I still think it’s cool


From the U2, Beatles to the Beach Boys

These records are my pride and joy

There is such a warm feeling

That brings tremendous healing


If you haven’t tried vinyl

Give it a chance for a while

You may be surpised

That vinyl is back on the rise

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018




Here is something from a while back enjoy!


The womb is the beginning of life. And the beginning of life is a volcano bursting from within. All the energy spiraling inside is thrusting into life to the point of overflowing out.

If there is life on other planets, are they as weird and realistic as ours? But sometimes life seems like a dream and I thought the characters in my dream were real and I “wake up” to another reality to where those characters are no longer to be found. At times, life was a nightmare, and was grateful.

But I am also sad because the love I have experienced was so magnificent and above all, so vivid.

I know what true reality is but sometimes I wish my dreams were the true reality instead of my life here on Earth. But sometimes I am thankful for what I have. You know?

Did I choose this fate or did it choose me? Did fate bless me or not? Some days I am not so sure.

But what keeps me pressing forward is this ignition in my heart that tells me that it’s all worth it the end. This life force. I also experience it as a creative spark.

© Carly Wiggins 2017

I have been really inspired by Psalm 31:23-24 in The Message translation.

It reads:

Love God, all your saints. God takes care of all who stay close to Him, But He pays basic in full those arrogant enough to go it alone. Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up Expect God to get here soon.”

How many read those verses and feel comforted, as well as convicted? We love that the Holy Scripture promises that God will, “take care of all who stay close to Him.” But also heed the warning call: “But He pays back in full those arrogant enough to go it alone.”

I have been in both positions. In this current season of my life. I swim somewhere in the middle and God wants to pick a side. (Revelation 3:16). It’s better to pick a side than float somewhere in between.

Naturally, the older I get, the more I aware I am of the presence of pain. I am also aware of how vital it is to give everything to God, in an ever-changing, beautiful, but sometimes volatile world in which in we live in.

Sanctus Real has a song called, “The Way the World Turns” and I believe it captures this point of beauty and pain nicely.

“And I feel the current pulling me down/Can’t keep the world from turning/ so I keep turning to you/‘Cause you’re the hope of a new sunrise/Breaking over a desperate life/And I keep turning to you/I keep turning to you.”

The more desperate our lives our, the more we need God. It’s not just a good idea. It’s a necessity. A requirement to move forward. But we shouldn’t do it to get something from God but rather an overflow from our love for our Father.

Even if the love isn’t felt at that moment, try to praise Him with lips of gratitude. Simply mutter, “Thank you, God” in your personal prayer time. You may not even know what you are thanking Him for. Don’t worry about it. God knows.

Stay strong in the Lord.


Carly (Message In Stanza)


The world may falling all around me
But I can still choose to be free
And put my hope in Thee

The earth rumbles
Because of its troubles
But you won’t forsake
Those who trust in love’s sake

The more the evil prospers
The more my joy will be in the morning
Good will have the last say

God’s righteous ones have suffered enough
We have seen the dark stuff
The dark stuff of the cosmos
But goodness shall follow

Laugh at evil, beloved!
We are above it
It feeds on fear
But let’s feed on the love here

Evil is full of deception
And false correction
God is only love
A gentle dove

Laugh at evil, beloved!
Say, “Freedom, I love it”
God is good because He is Lord
I trust His word!

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

So many different seasons

Some filled with holy angels

Others with demons

There is power in the tongue

For every daughter and son


We must decree a thing

It’ll gets us back into the ring

You want hope

Decree it

Then you’ll see it


This isn’t just a prosperity ideal

We got to see wholeness

It’s a kingdom principle that’s real

Then we can march forward

In the promises of the Lord


I have been down

The enemy took my crown

But I am someone in God

When I chased out my pride

But I didn’t let joy die inside


I devoured this ugly pill

But Lord, you enriched my life

When things went down hill

You took these lost keys

And cured my from my sinner’s disease

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018





As my heart goes thud thud thud

I realize I can be an old stick in the mud

God change me from the inside out

Take away my shame and doubt


I have deep roots in the ground

But why I am still bound?

I trust You, God Almighty

Set Your heart free in me


I want to capture Your heart

Because You captured mine from the start

I am here, Lord, empty and available

With Your great Love that’s unexplainable

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018