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I just got published online at I am super excited about this. My second time being published online! 🙂 I hope you check out my published piece. It’s called: Let God Ask You Questions.



A little teaser:

I question God.
My sister’s best friend Jenny died on her 21st birthday when she was hit by a drunk driver. In the short time Jenny was on earth, she accepted everyone and touched many lives with her smile. She had so much life ahead of her.
I asked God, “Why did You take her from this earth so early?” God answered my question with a question: “Do you trust Me, Carly? Do you trust Me that she is in good hands now?”

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I praise You

You made the world in 6 days

You created the 7 billion who live now

You created the trillion of stars

You are truly the Father of all creation


Take away my selfish desires

I know my spirit fights my flesh

And my soul cries out


I think about the brilliance of You

DNA to the fragrance of a flower

I can’t create anything like that

And the art people create is a mirror of You

I praise You


The fast pace world we live in

Is nothing compared I believe to Heaven’s technology

But in Heaven the devil will have no authority over it

I praise You


Healing is Your essence

You carry the wings of well being

I long to take shelter in them

The Devil would love to harm

But You protect me

I praise You

I praise You for some many things

For You are the creator of many things

I praise You


© Carly Wiggins 2015

How many times do you fly an airplane and look down on the life below and feel so small? The aerial view of life is small in comparison to what are used to. But small is still beautiful. If you are lucky enough to catch a person walking down the street from above they look like a long alien-like shadow. We are searching for aliens but we are the aliens. I marvel at the big God we served as I look at the helicopter view of life. The Bible says in Isaiah 66:1, “The earth is my footstool” (NIV). We could infer we are the black speck on the footstool. But God still loves us the same! Hallelujah to God above that He would still love us, these small creatures below!

This musing was inspired by the great poem, “Seen From Above” from Jason A. Muckley. Check out his amazing blog, Poems for Warriors. 


With great rewards

Comes great suffering

You say you want to be whole

If you think it will just come

You’ll be fooled


God is displacing your idols

And crushing your mojo

To help you raise above

But it will take time

To know you are loved


With great responsibilities

Comes great grief

You are smart

But are you smarter than this great universe?

It’s ok, you don’t need to be downhearted



You’ll be made whole as the pieces come together

You’ll feel light as a feather

You’ll even greatly shine with life’s weather

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

I need to replace these pencils with paint

Then I need to widen my palette

Eventually, I’ll find inspiration


I would like the mind of C.S. Lewis

I want heart of Mother Teresa

I desire the faith of Christ


As I dabble on the canvas

I reflect on my internal hues

Some smears and light strokes


If I ever want to reflect the nature before me

I have to stop procrastinating

And just start painting


Intellect, love and faith

They will come in due time

Confidence comes in sketches

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019






Here are a variety of haikus about various subjects like universal love and removing division. Enjoy! 🙂

7 Billion Haiku:

Earth has 7 billion

Network of vast human souls

Like a universe seed


Planetary Division:

So many on planet

So much division and hatred

I cannot stand it


God’s Love Plan Haiku

God created people

With an elaborate plan

To show mercy’s hand


Love’s Seed Haiku

Know love is the seed

Of mind-blowing childlike wonder

Beautiful splendor



I am a living soul
Who wants total control
I eat, move, and sleep
And repeat

God is in the control room
Overseeing our lives
He sees billions of screens
At once

The next life
What will it hold?
100 years will be fun
But how about
1000 billions years?

You dance, smoke, and drink
Your life is a celebration
But you don’t pay attention
To the needs of others

Some will be in total darkness
In the next life
Others will
Be in total light
I know where I am going
But why I am afraid of living forever?

Does the absence of fear
Increase the excitement?
And take away boredom?
Is there a such thing
As too much fun?
Why am I as so afraid of living forever?

A woman of faith on the outside
But a doubter on the inside
I love You God
But what’s it like loving You forever?
I am afraid of living forever

Will there be endless possibilities?
Or will choice eventually come
To an end?
These are questions of
An honest pious person
Are you afraid of living forever?
(C) Carly Wiggins 2019

Here is June’s Faith Chapter 9. I hope you enjoy! Here is a link to the previous chapters:

Chapter 9. Cloudy Bay Chardonnay 


Jimmy was such a gentleman. He opened the car and the restaurant door for June. He even pulled the seat out and motioned for June to sit before the waiter had a chance to. They gracefully sat down and Jimmy spoke, “I bet they make better clam chowder than Kroger’s does,” he smirked. June always appreciated how Jimmy knew how to make a new situation more comfortable with humor.

He wore a white tie with black stripes and a blue blazer. He was looking sharp, June quietly thought to herself. The she quickly assessed her attire to see if it matched his. She wore a simple yet elegant black dress with a black and white gemstone necklace that sparkled slightly. She could see in the reflection of her water glass that her makeup looked perfect.
“You seem deep in thought about something June. What is it?”
“Oh, just taking in my surroundings,” June softly spoke.
The waiter came with a wine menu. The tall and slender waiter spoke with poise that seemed to resonate with the classy but sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant. He read the specials and asked if they would like to see the wine list.
June thought a chardonnay would be perfect. She ordered a chardonnay on the cheaper side and after she did this, Jimmy lifted his pointer finger slightly in the air and said to the waiter, “That won’t be necessary, we will both have the Cloudy Bay Chardonnay on me.”
“What?” June said.
“Don’t worry, the wine is on me, June.” Jimmy smiled at June.
“Well, thank you,” June blushed.
June and Jimmy started with small talk, like the weather, then moved into work and family history, and by the end of the meal they were laughing and talking about everything under the sun.
She found out Jimmy was raised in South Carolina. Once a southern and always a southern, even he relocated to Boston. He worked for manufacturing companies but he loved the simplicity of working at Kroger’s. He was the youngest of four boys. They had a rocky upbringing but now all the siblings get along well. His parents separated when he was young and it always left a gaping hole in his soul. He never found his father, even as an adult. The year he tried to find him he found out he had died of stomach cancer. Their conversations went on and on. June found herself very much at ease talking with Jimmy.
June was cracking up at the table, not paying attention if she was disturbing the people around her. “You are scared of lizards? What? I would’ve never taken you as a guy scared of something so small that won’t even hurt you.”
Jimmy went on, “Well, let me tell you why,” he couldn’t get the words out easily because he was laughing and amused at the thought of being terrified of something so tiny. “One time when I went to the Petco, I was probably 10 or 11, my back faced one of the lizard cages and I was talking to my older brother and a potential girlfriend at the time and I noticed all of a sudden they were laughing at me! Apparently, the lizard came through a small crack in the cage and crawled on to my hand touching the cage and climbed into the back of my shirt. I completely freaked and they just stood there laughing at me. “Get it off me! Get it off me!” I kept yelling but they didn’t do anything for a moment. They wanted to bask in this glorious moment for themselves. Needless to say, my then-potential girlfriend bonded with my brother over this moment and they started going out shortly after this. And she chewed me out at school to her girlfriends, calling me a coward. That was the year I lost any love for lizards and any potential girlfriends in junior high school. And an older brother more concerned about himself,” Jimmy chuckled. Then they both cracked up.
June said, “What a story. I could be a potential girlfriend who doesn’t mind a man afraid of lizards.” Those words just slipped out of June’s mouth. Her jaw dropped. In moments of excitement and new opportunities she had no filter.
Jimmy smiled. “I would like that.”

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for Chapter 10. 🙂

Why did God have to crucify I?

Only God knows why

Why did He allow

Job to be tempted by satan?

And For him to lose everything?


Why did God have to crucify I?

Only God knows why

Why did God allow

Jesus to wander

In the desert for 40 days?


What we do know

That He has His own flow

He did double Job’s portion

The desert prepared Jesus for the cross

Everything He does is for His love for you and me

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019


This poem was inspired by Following Him’s post, “One Day, You’ll Understand.”