Message In Stanza

Poetry and Musings

That sinister seed

Is watered in greed

It’s time to get our heads above the dirt

Because you know satan roams the Earth

Time to get power from above

He has no ways to dismantle the love


Love is the protective wall

That causes the enemy to fall

Once we know our indentity

He must submit to that Calvary tree

Lord show us we are in you

Make us like the Bride you always knew

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019

Loving someone is only half the battle

Time to serve the hearty soup with a ladle

It’s the moment to serve love

Because you deserve love


You say you don’t deserve affection

Because you have gone your own direction

But you were born for love

So now it’s time to pour love


Please don’t forget the fact

That serving is such a selfless act

I know you yearn for love

So now it’s your turn for love

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019

serve him yes

serve him picture


“Earth can be beautiful. Heaven is beautiful. But Heaven on Earth… that’s an entirely different story. That’s why we were created.” – Carly Wiggins


Did you know that our final resting place with God will be Heaven on Earth? According to Scripture, Heaven will down to Earth after Jesus comes back and creates a new Heaven and Earth.  😇 🌏 Isn’t that exciting?

We all stay in little dustbins of comfort

But the world around us is hurt

It is a dirty world

But Jesus is the soap

The only hope


We look for solace

But forget we all lawless

It is a dirty world

His Word will sustain

A power to connect heart to brain


We look for pleasure

Heaven is our pure treasure

It is a dirty world

With love He will discipline

As He cleans each sin


We look for happiness

Brokeness we mistake for bliss

It is a dirty world

His joy in you is completed

Once you know satan has been defeated


It is a dirty world

But not for too much longer

… Jesus come back

(C) Carly Wiggins

Holy splendor

Now I surrender

My heart is tender

Towards my Maker


Your love isn’t an imposition

I pray with intuition

Knowing You’ll help in any situation

I love you God


Though the mountains fall into the sea

Though birds suffer from every cutdown tree

Though every discount comes with a fee

Greed has no hold on You God


Though another person dies on the news

Though a baby goes today without shoes

Though the drug addict start to wrongly choose

Sadness has no hold on You God


I love how You supply every need

But it’s more about a relationship indeed

Lord, Your love is richer than any human creed

It’s all about You my Lord

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019

This life is an imposition

Another unfaithful situation 

Another broken reality

I thought I cared

But I am so underprepared


Through endless tunnels of confusion

This life is nothing but an illusion

A mirror endless of reflections 

A conspiracy in the making 

A wild undertaking 


Are you ready or not?

To give it all you got

You may not have tomorrow

You may only have today

Blow that fire of the candle away


You may scared like I can be

Looking for a chance to be free

Every corner has been cut

Every detour blocked

Every door locked 


What are you to do?

Before this life forgets you

You become a broken opportunity 

You are your own champion 

Only you know how to win
Don’t let others knock you down 

And steal your precious crown

Take your heart and shine

Maybe others won’t understand

The gold you found in this wasteland 

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019

Papa is faithful
He is in control
He helped David
Yes He Did
So He can help you too

God is compassionate
His mercy is no accident
He helped Moses
Stay focused
So He can help you too

God is honest
And modest
He helped Ruth
Find her truth
So He can help you too

God is just
His sovereignty is a must
He helped Jonah
Be able to truly see
So He can help you too

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019

Don’t take life too seriously

You want power over fun

You make my head spin deliriously


Don’t over think

Because the second you did

The moment is gone in a blink


You only live one time

Pull your panties up

Scrap off your shoe grime


You say want affection

Love others deeply

Then love yourself with no objection

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019