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The lyre player
The poet
The giant slayer

He is on a lion hunt
He was the runt
But the Lord called him out

But he was also a sinner
His ways weren’t perfect
But his faith never grew thinner

He calls who He will call
I want the favor of the Lord
How can I tap into His heart?

Heaven and earth will fade
But Your Word will stick
Space’s garment is started to get decayed

I am not afraid
My path is laid
I am going to please Papa

Thank you for your favor, Lord
Have you not heard?
He will answer if you knock

Rains come and go
Snow plows the mountains
But your Spirit, the Word moves to and fro

Devastation is everywhere
But your staff comforts me
Comfort me with your hand of many blessings

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

Love is contagious

Come and save us

Love, don’t forsake us

We have abandoned you from time to time

But come to teach us


Love, we are apologetic

We are souls that are shipwrecked

Away from the safe deck

We have forgotten you

Amidst this world of high-tech


Love, we really miss you

We started out in the ocean blue

But the bright clouds quickly withdrew

And brought the hellish winds and storms

Love, come back into view

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019




For we only see dimly in the mirror
Then we shall see face to face
Now I know fully; then I shall know fully
Even as I am fully known
My only aim to finish the race…
The task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace

This mirror is dirty
The dirt is caked on there like mud
I try changing my looks to the gregarious next model but my heart is an old porcelain doll
Will I ever attract the next stud?
I won’t if my heart keeps going thud thud thud

This life is so short
The things we chase after
We are lovers of ourselves, money, disobedient to parents
We consider nothing sacred in every chapter
Where’s the love we should capture?

I will tell you this: blessed is the man who preserveres under trial
No matter your temptations are, whose number will you dial?
My days are like the evening shadow; I wither away like grass
You know our days are like a time bomb in a hourglass
Without Christ, are days are too delicate and vile

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

In the comments below, I will include the Scripture references.

So for the long overdue but here is June’s Faith Chapter 7. I hope you enjoy! 🙂 Here is a link to the previous chapters:

Chapter 7: Work Woes

cubcile edits smaller

June jolted from her bed and exclaimed, “Yes, I can!” In the midst of deep dreaming, June didn’t realize right away that she was back in reality.

After June composed herself she got ready for work. She thought about editing her important interview with Jeff Tweedy, from the popular indie rock band Wilco. And then her thoughts drifted to how Calvin has been a little testy lately and once again, trying to get away with another article supporting Trump. It was hard for June because she personally supported Trump: but most magazines were liberal and anti-trump and if she ever once agreed to publish an article supporting Trump she could completely run the risk of losing her job.

She arrived at work and reviewed her Jeff Tweedy interview. Jeff talked about addictions to drugs and alcohol, liberal views, solo career; all enriched with his dry sense of humor. He never took other’s burdens that weren’t his to carry. June thought he was a fascinating guy of pop culture to interview, esp. alterative country pop culture.

Then amidst the rhythm of the keyboard strokes June slowly closed her eyes. She talked faintly, “Father, I want to forgive You for taking Helen and Stacy from my life so early on. I see that they are in a better place now but why must I suffer without their presence, Papa?”

June heard a subtle but strong masculine voice in her spirit, “Because it was their time, my love. If you let them go now you will encounter them in your spirit and dreams from time to time. Because they are always there residing in your spirit, even from the other side. But you shouldn’t let them go just to see them again. Do you want to let the past keep you from living in the present? Also don’t you want to become a famous missionary and journalist someday? You won’t with unforgiveness. Unforgiveness is like a black plague in your heart, keeping you from the very things you desire.”

June was about to respond but then Calvin appeared next to her, completely oblivious of her Zen moment. “I finished the Trump and wall article. We will get the liberal media crumbling down.”

“Calvin, remember you have to be anti-trump, so you have to be anti-wall.”

“The liberal media will always make Trump look bad, even when it comes to the wall because that’s what they do best.”

“Calvin, listen clearly, if you don’t write me an anti-wall piece I will reconsider your position on news stories.”

June responded, “I will consider…”

Calvin interrupted her, “I want to be true to myself and I feel like I can’t in this environment.

Listen, “I will consider you doing a humor section for the newspaper. There’s more flexibility there.”

“My political views aren’t a joke,” retorted Calvin. “Sorry I just can’t do this.”

Calvin hung his head as he walked past June and went to pack up his things. He said his goodbyes as he was walking to the door. June said to him, “I am sorry to see you leave on these terms.”

“It’s ok, June,” a sullen Calvin quietly spoke.

Then Calvin walked out the door and June went back to her desk to contemplate what just happened.

After a few long hours passed, the work day was over. She considered taking a trip to the grocery store after work and headed to the seafood department to clear her head. She thought that a future of dating Jimmy looked promising but she was going to play it cool. She had been hurt in the past. Hopefully, she thought, she wasn’t putting herself in another fishy situation.

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for more! 🙂

~Carly (Message In Stanza)~

You have to keep your mind in check

Before it becomes a wreck

You better do it soon

You only have a sec

Before there’s a setting moon


Every day you have an opportunity

For love and ingenuity

But you can settle for less

You like a life of ambiguity

Filled with heartache and stress


But dig deeper, my friend

Beside you is hope at every end

It’s a caring world when you want it to be

Look deeper, there’s heaven

Telling you to open wide as the sea

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019






Come quickly, Lord Jesus

Come to free us

From this sinful life

Filled with dirty strife


Because you were nailed to wood

I know your nature is good

You are our comforting lamb

You are the Great I Am


I know this present age is coming to an end

As the new age is around the bend

Prepare our hearts, Lord Jesus

Even while we are waiting, we trust


Women in high heels on the street

Who are trying to make ends meet

Who trust follow this corrupt hierarchy

To those who are slaves of depravity


People who lost their jobs

And by outsiders are called slobs

They are poor on the street

They try every day but feel the defeat


Some many cases of pain and brokenness

A world that’s a lack of love and bliss

So our circumstances remind us

That we need you to come quickly, Lord Jesus

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019



Heaven goes beyond this galaxy

But God’s kingdom is in us

What did you want to discuss?

Just look within


Heaven goes beyond a mother’s embrace

Jesus was the ultimate Mother

Granting us salvation for every sister and brother

Just look at His scars


Heaven goes beyond everlasting love and joy

We can have it now

It’s found in His presence as we bow

God is the Creator of Joy


So with God’s kingdom in us

And endless joy and Jesus’s sacrifice

Should we think twice?

Heaven culture can be now

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019


culture of heaven



Check out Ether’s well-written and inspiring blog:


electromagnetic butteries

with bright eyes

and hearts the size of Africa

i know you miss my encouragement

my compliments.


i hear your cries

they echo, echo

in the constant bellow

of the air vents


i feel your tears in my palms

they drippedy drip in the faucet

as your heart contracts

so do your wings

as your heart expands

so do your wings


i need you to flippedy flap them

in these lonely moments

until i return


glittery fluttery them until

you catch a breeze

that carries you free

but recall that breeze end

and you must be prepared to

fluttery fluttery then again


the energy of your heart beat

comes from the same source

and in that way we are always



and often

when you lie still to find your heart beat

i am lying still finding mine

and in that moment

we dance together with god


it’s a slow dance

a love dance

it’s entanglement

where my valves and circuits

my veins and wires

shock you and feed you

and make your electromagnetic wings

flippedy flip

flap flap

jump into the fog and let’s dance..