Message In Stanza

Poetry and Musings


holding hands

Of all the challenges we have faced

Nothing is like being displaced

Being an evacuee

Because of Harvey

All possessions down the stream of water

It makes you question

Where’s your Heavenly Father?


But the community in Houston is strong

Offering guidance, protection, and shelter to the throngs

My heart grieves

I am in complete disbelief

I have been safe

But it feels like a bad dream

But it’s nothing in comparison nothing to the other people’s chafe


The heart can only take so much

Before we begin to lose touch

Lose touch with reality

By having to flee

Flee not just by your place of residence

But fleeing your spirit

Wanting to hold on to some sort of benevolence


But Houston, will regain momentum

And churches, organizations and others will give to hope to victims

It will take a while

Esp. when they are in a strange cloud of confusion and denial

The sun will shine again

Not just outside

But all around Houston people’s hearts will form an unbreakable chain


(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

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