Message In Stanza

Poetry and Musings

You think you have a lot to juggle
Don’t forget God’s provision can come in the form of a struggle
It isn’t always the devil made me do it
God knows the pain makes you stronger
With God’s grace you’ll get through it

Leaves move and twist
In the wind as the fall
God created darkness and light
Yes, the devil can be a factor
But God is staging the show
While you are the actor

Sometimes you sin
Allowing other forces in
But sometimes in the midst of the pain
God is teaching to bruise your knee
So you can appreciate every sprint and sprain

Every broken relationship
Brings us to examine ourselves
How can I change?
And change brings growth
And growth over time, brings contentment
And without happiness you can’t have hope

Every dying family member
Chills your bones like December
But it makes you long for God’s kingdom
Where the saints will reign forever
Your heart beats every beat with hope until Jesus will come

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

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