Message In Stanza

Poetry and Musings


I was one of many swans
In a spacious pond

Every swan was social and peaceful
They rode the waters with such ease
As they rode they felt an adventurous pull

Every where they went they were seekers
Seekers of food, shade or a scenic swim
Or they gathered around older swans like they were teachers

But not I
I can’t lie

I would scramble for food and push others away
It would ruffle their feathers
But I was a famished swan by day

And at night I would wake up lot of the swans with a yelp
It would ruffle their feathers
But a night it was my cry for help

I felt so utterly alone
Like my heart was made of stone

They thought I was greedy
But deep inside I knew the truth
I was just desperately needy

From dusk to dawn
I have learned the hard way
I will always just be a disgraceful swan

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

Photo credit: Roeselien Ramond


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