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Some people can calmly play competitive sports like chess or billboards. They just precisely determine their move for their pawns and diligently think 4 steps ahead. I am that way with basketball when I played as a kid.

I was an average shooter. But my biggest strength was getting rebounds. They used to call me, “The rebounder queen.” I was a skinny young lady in grade school and taller than my peers. Not only was my height an advantage but so was my fierce determination and boldness. Once that ball banked off the backboard I was full throttle after that shiny orange sphere.

But my weakness was dribbling. My fine motor skills haven’t ever been good but oh, how I have tried! So when that ball bounced off and when I caught it, it was like a hot potato. Once I got it, it needed to be passed to a fellow team mate. Being a rebounder who doesn’t dribble well, you definitely learn the names of your team mates well.

But my main point is, why can’t I be cool as a cucumber playing sports but I can’t watch sports with the same calmness and focus? I am not even the one playing! Lol! I get anxious and antsy, esp. with baseball. I like the fast-pace action of basketball. I feel like in baseball you have to wait longer for the team you want to win to have a chance to get points because of the innings. In basketball it’s a constant dance between the two teams scoring.

I am from Houston, TX and watching the Houston Astros play has been a complete whirlwind of mixed emotions. After the devastating Hurricane Harvey we need some good news hopefully, we will not strike out on our hopes and dreams (pun intended) for our beautiful but fragile city now. We are still getting support from FEMA, some people are still removing mold from their homes, waiting to back to their homes or getting assistance from the Food Bank or surrounding pantries. So a winning the World Series would really reawakened the city.

But what hit home for me (pun intended) when Astros won 2 in a row and then the Yankees won 3 in a row.  Man, the intensity of the emotions.

For instance, in one of the games Astros with 2 wins under their belt, were leading 4-0 and the Yankees brought out the full stops at the last innings and ended up winning 4-6. Geesh.

Now with the Astros and Yankees tied with 3 games wins both under their belts we are in for the ultimate showdown night. The winner of that game will win the reward of a World Series event. This will be the first time for the Astros to make it to the World Series. 🙂

I love the Astros but now is the time to put things in full swing (pun intended). Even if they win it for Houston. Do it also to give hope back to world. We all were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, even if realize it or not. We maybe were watching the disaster on a small dusty TV in a college dorm in Boston or a father of two watching on in his IPad in Connecticut. But I believe, as disaster strikes it hits home with us all as a human race.

But I think I made my point pretty clearly at this point now: Go Astros! Let’s make into the World Series and win for the first time! 🙂

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