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The magic is in the air

As evil whispers my name

But I cling to love without despair


What is truth?

Some misguided virtue?

Some tarnished light?


Some many different questions go through my mind

Where’s my freedom lie?, Where’s peace?

Tell me there’s hope, I don’t want to feel confined


But I cling to love

I hold it real tight

Because I know it’s truth


(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

5 thoughts on “The Many Shades of Truth

  1. Yes, dear Carly, love is light and life and so is God an Ocean of Consciousness while we are the drop of it. Each negative thought can bring us down and each positive thought forward and up. The more we think and absorb us in God the less power our inconstant mind has power over us. As we think so we become…
    All good wishes my friend

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    1. Yes, absolutely! Goodness and love is indestructible and will always prevail. And we should change our thought processes. Good thinking, Didi! 😀 Take cafe, my friend. 😊

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      1. Thanks, my dear friend.
        Oh today I am very happy: a friend of mine and I went to the Finnish nature, pitched our tents close to very fsntastic lake where the light is sparkling on the lake. Everything is so peaceful here and my heart enjoys to be one with the nature.
        Have happy weekend dear Carly.


      2. Yes, dear Carly – positive thoughts should always accompany us.
        Happy weekend, my friend

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