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Two of my friends, Eric and Carly are really in love. Carly wanted me to write me her a poem and I thought I would write one about how completely in love they are. 😍❤️

Here it is:

There are two love birds in town
It’s Carly who is in a beautiful Cinderella gown
While Eric is looking sharp
With his suit and tie
He’s like Cupid with a harp
Oh, they are so in love

Carly makes unique dolls
While Eric is mixing music inside his walls
They are a complete match
Made in Heaven
Carly, you should be forever grateful of your catch
Oh, you guys are perfect for each other

Love is a unique reality
It’s commitment can feel like a finality
But you know it’s so worth it
Love is a special treasure
Carly and Eric, unearth it
It’s something you’ll never regret

Here is some advice, for you two
Never forget to have patience where it’s due
Never forget to love against all odds
It will be hard at times, I can assure this
But focus on Jesus, the God above all gods
And you surely goodness and love will follow you always

2 thoughts on “Two Love Birds

  1. Lovely! 😍 I’m sure Carly and Eric will adore this. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. messageinstanza says:

      You are right! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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