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What a spectacular view from Your eyes, Lord

It’s a magnificent day

Children are eating ice cream like it’s a heavenly treat

Lovers are jumping off a driving board

Into a pool of trust and affinity

When used correctly

Free will can be so sweet


The fireflies are whirling around

They are penetrating the sky like a light show

They are buzzing like they are exactly where they want to be

Children and lovers are ready for the showdown

If we are made for this; it must be this unmistakable

That this love is elastic and unshakable

Children and lovers lift up your hands and make your plea


Children; the innocent bloodline of God

Lovers; the marriage of man to God

Take your stand in this tarnished life

Your unspoken beauty and dignity give the Lord laud

Oh, Your view Father, must be marvelous!

For children who show such contentment and fearlessness

And lovers who passionately and effortless rely on their husband or wife


God, You see the pain in the Earth

But You still ask for us to come to You

Because You created us for this moment in time, for always

Because it’s beauty when lovers kiss or mothers give birth

It’s the continuous cycle of life, you know?

Life is in full bloom after life’s snow

All because of children and lovers amaze

(C) Carly Wiggins 2016


One thought on “Children and Lovers

  1. Justus Creek says:

    A very nice poem. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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