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Thank you, Following Him, for tagging me. 🙂 Let’s jump right in and it hope it “leaves” you inspired. haha. 🙂


  • Put the tag badge and rules in your post.
  • Answer the 10 fall-related questions.
  • Tag at least 5 other bloggers to join in the fun!


  1. What’s your favourite fall outfit?

carly awesome fall

2. What is fall weather like where you live? 

I live in Houston, TX where there really isn’t any “fall” weather that you are used to. The leaves never change. It gets cooler but rarely drops below 50 degrees. lol. But it’s still nice to walk around stuff. 🙂 Fall is my favorite season because Texas gets so humid during the summer.

3. Your favorite drink to have in the fall?

Iced lattes, baby! Wait, I drink that all year long. lol. 🙂

4. Does your family have any fall traditions? If so, what are they?

Not really a tradition, but sometimes my parents and I go to Vermont for the leaves changing. Then we go to a enjoy corn maze. A corn maze is a corn field made into a maze. It’s a great tourist attraction.

corn maze

5. What are some activities and events you enjoy going to in the fall months?

I don’t crave pumpkins or dressed up for Halloween anymore for parties, so I don’t know. :shrug: I guess the corn maze applies here too. lol. 🙂

6. What’s your favorite fall-scented candle?

orange candle

7. Tell us about one of your favorite fall memories.

Being in Vermont, driving around, watching the scenic views! 🙂 It just takes your breath away!

8. What are some fall movies you enjoy watching?

I really enjoy Good Will Hunting. It always made want to go to Boston in the fall around those older buildings and historic sites. I haven’t been to Boston in a while.

I guess I could get my Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee and take a stroll through the city. Boston did good job inventing Dunkin” Donuts! 🙂 That sounds like fall to me!

9. What’s your favorite fall treat? 

Pumpkin pie!

10. If you celebrate Halloween, what is the best costume you’ve worn?

I haven’t dressed up that many times and I haven’t ever been real impressed with my costumes. I have been a rock star, Little Red Riding Hood and evil people.

I can’t remember who was when I was evil. lol. I enjoyed trick or treating so much as kid because I got to know my neighbors more and meet new friends… and of course, my addiction to  chocolate. Good times. 🙂

I tag…


Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha


Discovering Your Happiness


And anyone else who like to partake! 🙂 Happy fall, everyone! 🙂

10 thoughts on “The Fall Tag

  1. 1. My favorite fall outfit is my snowy underoos.
    2. I live in San Francisco, so the weather is always pleasant.
    3. Black coffee is my favorite drink year-round.
    4. My favorite fall treat is gorging myself on a big ol’ turkey!

    Best thing about fall is falling asleep under a warm blanket while the air is a bit chill… 🙂

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    1. Sounds comforting to me, DirtySciFIBuddha. Happy fall to you! 🙂

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  2. Such amazing memories you have here

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    1. Hey timbushifamily, WordPress is getting it worked out now but sometimes people who try to follow me sometimes have to refollow me for it to go through. I just wanted to let you know of this temporary glitch when you tried to follow me. 😀


      1. No problem, I will keep trying until am lucky

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      2. That’s weird. I am trying to understand this glitch more. Did you follow me and then you later showed that you weren’t following me anymore? It’s best to unfollow and refollow and leave it there. Let me know after you do that and I’ll let you know if I got your follow or not. Sound good? 😀


  3. According to my phone, am currently following you

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    1. Ok, you don’t show up as a follower on my notification bell but you do on my stats – insights- followers. I believe this happened once before and I was able to still see their latest posts. And they were still following me. Don’t worry about it, I think we are good. l let you know if anything changes. 😀


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