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The sweet assurance of a warm friendship
Took an unexpected turn in life
I was still holding to it by the helm
I eventually had to let it go
I no longer wanted to feel overwhelmed

I was crying myself to sleep at night
The sheer turmoil in my soul
During the day I wouldn’t leave my bed
I had to open the windows in my room
To shine a light to the demons in my head

I know these are just temporary places
Our greatest growth comes readily
We just need to hold on to the moving melody
It’s playing in the darkest of spaces

Soon this beautiful dance will end
And the next act will perform
And your past will be fed to the worms
Then Christ and your heart will blend

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

What are your thoughts on this poem?

One thought on “Moving Melody (In the Darkest of Spaces)

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