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I have been really inspired by Psalm 31:23-24 in The Message translation.

It reads:

Love God, all your saints. God takes care of all who stay close to Him, But He pays basic in full those arrogant enough to go it alone. Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up Expect God to get here soon.”

How many read those verses and feel comforted, as well as convicted? We love that the Holy Scripture promises that God will, “take care of all who stay close to Him.” But also heed the warning call: “But He pays back in full those arrogant enough to go it alone.”

I have been in both positions. In this current season of my life. I swim somewhere in the middle and God wants to pick a side. (Revelation 3:16). It’s better to pick a side than float somewhere in between.

Naturally, the older I get, the more I aware I am of the presence of pain. I am also aware of how vital it is to give everything to God, in an ever-changing, beautiful, but sometimes volatile world in which in we live in.

Sanctus Real has a song called, “The Way the World Turns” and I believe it captures this point of beauty and pain nicely.

“And I feel the current pulling me down/Can’t keep the world from turning/ so I keep turning to you/‘Cause you’re the hope of a new sunrise/Breaking over a desperate life/And I keep turning to you/I keep turning to you.”

The more desperate our lives our, the more we need God. It’s not just a good idea. It’s a necessity. A requirement to move forward. But we shouldn’t do it to get something from God but rather an overflow from our love for our Father.

Even if the love isn’t felt at that moment, try to praise Him with lips of gratitude. Simply mutter, “Thank you, God” in your personal prayer time. You may not even know what you are thanking Him for. Don’t worry about it. God knows.

Stay strong in the Lord.


Carly (Message In Stanza)


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