Message In Stanza

Poetry and Musings

My antenna is up
I am ready to receive
Do you hear me, Creator?

Nightly media is stealing our thunder
Eyes are glued to large rectangles with blinking fairy dust
But this isn’t a dreamy landscape
We are on someone else’s  broadcast

They go to and fro
With pressing stories
But I am hiding beneath my bed
With blindfolds and earplugs
See and hear no evil
It doesn’t seem to be working

I am swimming in friction
A part of me likes the drama
A part of me wants to be informed
But I decide to turn the receiver off

Ignorance is bliss
Because the world may be in a desert storm
But I found some shelter in my own oblivion

Finally no more internal division
I have turned to a good book
A book of a whole new world

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

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