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Family and friends make up the delicious pie of life. While bitterness fosters the box of grand illusions of hurt. Where do we turn in this dark and chaotic time of ours? The TV is another box of confinement. Any screen, hand held or not is for that matter.

Is God in our midst? Or He just laughing on the sidelines? Reveal who you are Papa on this rotating rock of madness and grace. We need You more than ever now!

We get so complacent like a spider in a web. So comfy. Shake us up Lord to make us sons and daughters for Your upcoming new Earthly Kingdom! 💐🙏👸🤴

2 thoughts on “Too Comfy in Our Webs

  1. This is wonderful Carly :):) LORD, thank You for blessing Carly, and for hearing and answering her prayer :):)

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    1. Thank you, Margaret! This word of affirmation means a lot to me. The Lord is in the business of blessing us! 🙂

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