Message In Stanza

Poetry and Musings

Quicken my pace

In this expeditious race

I thought I had all the answers

But now I am coming face-to-face

With a past I cannot erase


I am on the starting line

Waiting for a “begin race” sign

I trained a while

I hope I don’t feel behind

Now is the time to shine


Many distractions on the way

That cause me to go astray

I want that gold medal

I will run with ease today

And let results fall where it may


As I inch close to the end

I go around the bend

Feeling my adrenaline pumping

There is one messsge I want to send

I am a victorious companion


It isn’t about numbers or positions

Or coming up short in situations

But keep going no matter what

Follow your intuitions

Your deserve your celebrations


You are a winner

Even if have nothing for dinner

You are God’s masterpiece

Even if you wish you were thinner

Even if life is tough like a splinter


Even if you are sick in bed

Or crazy in the head

You are God’s number 1

Even if the rumors spread

With God, you are always one step ahead

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018













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