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Here is a wonderful post by Pat Cegan. Check out her blog here: Cicadas are singing the song of rain, cooler days filled with lush byways of fruit and flowers. The deafening roar of these prehistoric looking bugs, just before the rains begin, is a symphony to our ears. ++++++++++++++++++++ Cicadas are probably best …

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They speak to me– The silent setting sun The crashing, roaring waves The deepening royal purple of The jutting, rocky island which rises up from the sea. They speak to me– The yellows, pinks, oranges, And all the in-between hues of the setting sun; Light becomes color But their voice is one, One Voice speaking […]

via Master Artist — plantedbylivingwater     

Wonderful post by the Planted By Living Water blog about the Artist of the Universe: God Himself. Be sure to check out her blog. Enjoy! 🙂

August 6, 2018