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What do you do when you experience doubt? I believe it’s human to have feelings about doubt and insecurity. Some say you shouldn’t express too much doubt to God because it shows a lack of faith. I disagree. We all asked questions in the beginning of our faith, so why not continue to ask questions as we deepen our walk with our Father?

If your parents taught you how to ride a bike you had to start with no previous knowledge. It was only human to ask them basic questions, “How do I go faster?” “How do I brake?” “Am I am doing this right?” It’s not insecurity to ask a wiser person questions to gain information on a task or activity. Luke 18:6 says, “But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (NIV).

father teaching son.jpg

This Scripture makes it clear that God genuinely values children and with that of course, comes with asking multiple questions. What child doesn’t tug on the shirt of their mother and ask, “Why is the sun yellow?” Or, “Why is the grass green?” These are just examples of the curiosity of a child’s mind which, I believe, God deeply values.

So, as adults, why do you believe we may have trouble with our questions and misinterpret some as doubts when they are merely a vehicle for understanding? I remember as kid I suffered a lot of anxiety and, especially dreaded homework. I was the nerdy kid in school who asked basic questions that the other kids in the class seemed to already know the answer to. Math was a struggle for me. The fundamental concept of cross multiplication was tough for me, because, as an example, some problems required further reducing and sometimes I forgot that extra step. If I didn’t ask the teacher, “Do I further reduce this problem?” I may end behind in the class and not advance as well, because, as you know, math concepts build on each other. But, as adults, I believe, our problems to solve in the game of life become more complex than a cross multiplication problem.

I love to ask God questions that may seem frivolous or pointless to some. But God is my Father and I love to sit in His lap and know what is on His mind. And He already knows what I will ask before I ask (Romans 8:2-27, Psalm 139:2, Psalm 139:4). Isn’t that amazing? I take pleasure out of asking God, “How are You doing today?” “Why is there evil in the world?” He can more than take your questions. Jesus was the epitome of asking questions. Many times when people asked Him a question He followed up with another question to test motives, to bring new things to light, etc. Our God is incredible! Don’t buy into the lie that questions are a form of weakness.

Man praying

But what about asking questions asked out of feeling inadequate? God can handle those too. But are all questions of doubt productive and self-satisfying? Author Mary E. DeMuth who wrote Wall Around Your Heart once said, “We enslave in the manner we talk to ourselves. But the truth is, God already set us free. He secured our release. To constantly hurt ourselves, resting in our inadequacy, is to call Him a LIAR.” The more we complain and give ourselves permission to do things we know we shouldn’t do, the more we are led into captivity. For example, we could complain about our weight but decide to eat chocolate every day and cakes and get mad at God and say He didn’t give you enough willpower to stop those cravings. But to speak quite candidly, you are making Him out to be a LIAR. What He did on the cross for you enables you to put addictions to death! The desire may be there but take ownership and trust in God. Times get tough. I know firsthand. Sometimes I eat too much and especially crave carbohydrates and sugars when I am stressed. But I am learning stress-busting techniques like mediation, things to distract my mind like TV to keep me from eating badly. What may work for one person may not work for another. But everyone has their own stress management techniques. It’s time we trust God, give Him our concerns and put that identity of Christ in us. The more we put our focus on being a cherished daughter or son of the Most High God, the more we will walk with dignity, faith and royalty, instead of condemnation, shame, and doubt.

My biggest struggle is accept things will get tough. Sometimes I fool myself during my high moments that pain won’t touch me again. It’s a defense mechanism. Let God take control. Put your crown on and put up your sword to defeat the evil one of despair, in Jesus’s Name! We are ROYALTY! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Questions and Doubts

  1. Thank for sharing, dear Carly,

    Indeed, we have to be like children, as innocent as they are, as natural as they are, and have to have a pure heart – then we can enter the kingdom of God…

    In our sincere prayers we can ask for getting answers to our questions and in the course of time faith is growing more and more.

    All good wishes my friend

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    1. Yes, our faith grows as we trust in our Papa, as little children. Amen! 😀✌️


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  2. BT says:

    Doubts are the precursor to a fuller faith, they are the wings which cause our heart to desire more of Him. What fear is to courage doubts are to faith. Trust in Him is the linkage between doubts and faith, it is the attitude of heart that holds our steps true as the night gives way to the dawn.


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    1. Exactly! Poetically well put. ☺ Doubt is as necessary as faith in order to move forward with our walk with the Lord. Having a clean and honest heart is imperative to God. God bless you too! ☺Carly (Messageinstanza)


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